Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

You acknowledge and permit the website owner to monitor calls you make to the numbers listed on the website in order to monitor our employees and in order to improve our services.

You acknowledge and permit the website owner to use your information for the following important purposes:

1.  To help facilitate the processing of your insurance quotes/policies in relation to the Companies in our network.

2.  To help personalize our service, and increase the effectiveness of our service for your very specific requirements, and also to help analyze and facilitate research regarding the insurance and financial sector industry, and related demographics.

3.  To individually respond to your needs, which may include emailing you information regarding specific insurance policy products which we feel is responsive to your requirements, and also emailing you personalized twelve-monthly insurance policy rates in accordance with the details you have provided us. You expressly consent to let us record your search query and transaction coursed through our site to help the underwriting process for the third party insurance providers featured on our site.

4.  To help facilitate the transaction between you and third/party insurance providers.

As part of our services, you acknowledge and give your consent freely for the disclosure of your personal information to the following parties:

5.  Third-party individuals or companies which we feature on our website. The said companies may receive access to the data which you provide, and therefore, you are highly urged to consult the terms and conditions, and privacy statement of these individual third party insurance providers.

6.  Regulatory financial, insurance, or other governmental bodies, agencies, or instrumentalities for compliance purposes.

7.  Third-party individuals or companies whose products or services we believe are responsive to your needs.

8.  Should you use all of our Expert services to locate, compare and contrast automobile insurance products and solutions, you consent to allow us to verify and validate the information and data you actually give through consumer credit checkups by trained, and possibly third-party credit-referencing specialists.

Information disclosure provision

With the exception of those mentioned as permissible in this privacy statement, we will not disclose your data and information without your permission, except as required in a legal proceeding.

By submitting data or information to this website, you expressly accept that the website owner, and third party insurance providers we feature in this site, may process your data in order to deliver you a free quote.

Indemnity Provisions

You hereby irrevocably agree to hold the website owner free from all liabilities, claims, losses, expenses, or any legal liability whatsoever which may arise from the disclosure of your personal information.