Reasons to Go for Comprehensive Insurance

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Reasons to Go for Comprehensive Insurance

If you are involved in the car insurance business, you might find it challenging to sell your product to a car owner. In fact, if you’ll look at the numbers, there’s a less than 5% penetration rate among car owners in the country. Despite the clogged streets, the hundreds of vehicular accidents in the country on a day to day basis, a lot of people still don’t purchase their comprehensive insurance.

Why don’t you buy an affordable car insurance policy to have peace of mind? Given the messy registration process, not every car is insurance friendly. It is possible that the value of the car has already depreciated to a point where it is not going to be qualified to be covered. Most cars that are more than 10 years old won’t get covered by many car insurance companies. If you’ll look at the value system of Pinoys, it is also expected from our culture to be reactive more than be preventive. This is why we deal with problems when they become serious concerns already.

However, if you have the chance to purchase comprehensive insurance, why should you purchase one? Here are the reasons why you should stick with comprehensive car insurance.


Covers a lot of problems on the road

As the name suggests, it is comprehensive. It covers a number of concerns that you have on the road. Third-party liability and even protection against theft are some of the things you’ll expect from this type of policy.


A lot of accidents happen

If you’ll look at the statistics today, there are many ways how you could experience mishaps on the road. What if you are stuck in traffic in a flooded area while it is raining? This scenario could damage your car if the floodwater rises up. This scenario is just one of the many things that could damage your car. If you’ll take into account undisciplined drivers and pedestrians, poorly implemented traffic rules, and incompetent traffic enforcers, you have an accident waiting to happen.


Uninsured vehicles

Another reason why you should stick with comprehensive car insurance is because of the volumes of uninsured vehicles. Driving with jeepneys can be a problematic situation, since not only do they have untrained drivers, they also have no insurance. This makes a tricky situation for you. If you don’t want to drain your wallet because some person doesn’t carry car insurance, it is time that you have comprehensive coverage that carries the uninsured motorist coverage.


Cost of repairs

Another reason to purchase your own comprehensive coverage is because of the cost of repairs. If you’ll compare the cost of repairs, against the comprehensive coverage premium, it is only logical to stick with the latter.



Given the number of competing companies, there’s no reason for you do not have a great choice. From the cheapest car insurance premium to the most expensive, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can even compare car insurance policies and quotes online. With the help of these tools, it is possible for you to be a knowledgeable consumer. You can easily get the best car insurance rate within your budget.




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