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New car sales industry in the Philippines 2016

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2016 may end up being yet another productive year for the Philippines car industry. For the fourth continuous year, the Philippines automotive industry has been encountering year-on-year deals and thus developing the industry even more. Records on the Q1 of 2016 showed the aggregate offers of 76,479 units and 22% development over the previous year Q1 deals or 62,882 units. What is fascinating about the mid-2016 deals record is the…

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Security Glass Etching for Cars

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Have you heard of glass etching for cars?  If yes you may not be familiar with what it is, how it looks like, and how can it be deterrent for car theft and side mirror theft. In the Philippines,  security glass etching can be a great deterrent for car theft since most of the carnappers stole cars and passed it on to other buyers for quick cash.  If they see…

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