Security Glass Etching for Cars

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Have you heard of glass etching for cars?  If yes you may not be familiar with what it is, how it looks like, and how can it be deterrent for car theft and side mirror theft.

In the Philippines,  security glass etching can be a great deterrent for car theft since most of the carnappers stole cars and passed it on to other buyers for quick cash.  If they see the glass where etch all over like from side-mirrors, windshield driver and passenger windows,  they might think its a job for them to replace this glasses,  the may look for another prey that cars with the glasses etched.

As for any theft cases,  thieves want an easy target.  If they see side-mirrors with glass etch marked by the registration or VIN number of the car,  they lose interest in these cars primarily because they cannot sell side-mirrors with the registration marked on it.

According to the PNP Highway Patrol group report in 2015, the carnapping incident reported is 998 nationwide.  This means 3 carnap cases a day.  If all cars have their glass etch in their cars, carnap cases or simply side-mirror theft may be reduced substantially.

An insurance company called Mapfre Insular Insurance recognize this deterrent element and made it a free service for all of their clients to have.  They are one of the pioneers of this and only the insurance company to feature this standard feature.  Similarly, car insurance comparison site made it a special arrangement with Etch my plate – a glass etching company to offer its users the same features so that more Filipinos can be more vigilant and protect their cars among car thieves.


Author: erwin reyes

Erwin has a combined experience of more than 15 years in the car insurance industry in the Philippines and Australia. Loves cars and enjoys to sourcing out great deals for its clients