New car sales industry in the Philippines 2016

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2016 may end up being yet another productive year for the Philippines car industry. For the fourth continuous year, the Philippines automotive industry has been encountering year-on-year deals and thus developing the industry even more. Records on the Q1 of 2016 showed the aggregate offers of 76,479 units and 22% development over the previous year Q1 deals or 62,882 units.

What is fascinating about the mid-2016 deals record is the development in offers of the Commercial vehicle. As indicated by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturer of the Philippines (CAMPI), The Passenger vehicle class holds 39% of the Q1 deals while the rest goes to Commercial vehicle classification, also the Category 5 Heavy Duty vehicles that just about became almost 95% due to the on-going framework and infrastructure development in the nation.

Therefore, here are some of the statistics about the latest car sales industry in the Philippines:

Toyota Vios the highest selling car of 2016

The Toyota Vios stays on the top spot with more than 13,000 units sold from Jan-May 2016. Much the same as the Toyota HiAce, the Toyota Vios is additionally utilized as a part of both personal and commercial business vehicle, which can be the reason behind it highly increasing sales records.



The vast majority would consider purchasing an auto that is being utilized as a part of the service division, similar to a taxi for instance. There are sure principles in connection to picking which model to utilize, for example, spending budget, quality, durability and much more. The Toyota Vios obviously passes every one of these principles, which make it a decent vehicle to utilize, may it be for private or business utilization.

Toyota the highest selling brand of 2016

Toyota still dominating the Philippines car industry from years. It is a standout amongst the most trusted Japanese brand in the nation. This year, Toyota took away a piece of the overall industry of 43.9 percent as:

  • Vios ended up being top of the line with 14,878 units
  • Wigo scored the second position by offering 5,484 units
  • Corolla Altis enlisted offer of 2,236 units
  • There are many other stats yet to come

Figures of new car sales leading up to the year 2020

The Philippines are ready to end up as a noteworthy automotive industry in Southeast Asia by 2020 as residential deals are relied upon to keep posting stellar development while local industries are seen enhancing the government CARS program.


It has been shown that the Philippine automotive market pumping in deals, representing eight to 10 percent of the aggregate vehicle deals in the area by 2020. By 2020, offers of the car market inside the economies of the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) are anticipated to achieve five to six million units.

The growth in the industry reflects the economic growth of the state. The more cars the industry sells means more income, which the government can utilize to especially, improve the conditions of the roads and start other developmental projects.


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