4 Signs You Chose the Right Car Insurance Policy

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4 Signs You Chose the Right Car Insurance Policy

According to statistics, we lose about 2.4 billion pesos daily due to our messy traffic situation. Opportunity loss among businesses and decreased performance at work are some of the effects of the day to a daily traffic jam that we face.

Looking at the trend from 2005 to 2014, purchases for both passenger and commercial vehicles have increased over a steady period of time. This could mean two things. One, this could mean more vehicles to deal with on public highways. Secondly, this means a larger potential market for the car insurance industry.

Given added exposure to other vehicles, it isn’t surprising how many car accidents could occur daily. According to the MMDA, 227 accidents happen every day in the country. Mechanical malfunctions, over speeding, and driver-related problems are known to cause these accidents. Given these realities, it makes sense to invest in the right car insurance policy.

So how exactly do you know that you’ve taken the right car insurance policy for your needs? Here are some signs that you’ve got yourself a good deal.


It covers your needs

What are your needs as a car owner? Do you have a commercial or a private vehicle? What you have to realize is that every car owner has their own needs and requirements. One indicator if you have the right car insurance policy is by looking at the coverage.

For instance, do you live in a place where there is always the probability of flooding? If so, then, it makes sense to have the Act of God coverage to minimize the potential cost of the overhaul and other related repairs once the car’s engine gets flooded.


Established company

Would you prefer to work with neophytes in the car insurance industry or stick with companies that have been around for the last decade or so? Though there is no 100% guarantee that they’ll offer the best deal for you, dealing with established firms give you the advantage of having peace of mind.


Best bang for your buck

The cheapest car insurance premium may not always be the best offer. In fact, you have to ask yourself if the car insurance quote gives the best bang for your buck. To guide you, always ask, what is the cheapest quote to have the maximum protection for your vehicle?

The most common means of getting the best policy today is by checking the online car insurance options. With the availability of online car insurance, car owners will have the opportunity to compare each product side by side.


Superb customer service

Is the company easy to contact? Regardless if you have questions, or if you have to make a claim, the right car insurance should come from a legitimate company who is willing to provide assistance to their clients.

Now that you could get car insurance via different channels, it all boils down to price range and reliability. Regardless if you are getting online car insurance from top car insurance comparison sites, or getting a car insurance company outright from your dealership, these are some signs that you have to check to get the best deal out there.