4 Things You Want To Compare Purchasing a Car Insurance Today 

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4 Things You Want To Compare Purchasing a Car Insurance Today

Worry-free driving is a dream for many Filipinos. Ever wished to experience traffic-free travel experience using your car? Ever wondered what it’s like waking up at 8 am, driving to work for 30 minutes to reach the office? This scenario is wishful thinking given inefficiencies that exist in our highways. With 13 million driver’s licenses issued as of 2012, expect clogged highways on a day to day basis. If you include sloppy implementations of traffic rules in the equation, you have a disaster waiting to happen.

If you’ll ever buy a car, make sure that it is insured. This can help save you from unexpected costs of repairs and injuries. But of course, you don’t want to get car insurance policies without looking at the details. In fact, it is a practice to compare car insurance policies. Assuming that you are going to look closely at each quote, what are the things you want to compare?


The first thing to look into is the price. It is only natural to have an affinity for anything that is cheap. If you will be purchasing a car insurance policy, you want to look beyond the price of these products. You want to check the company. You want to know about the experience of other customers with the company. Try to also get the advice of automotive shops. Their recommendations can go a long way. Now, is there any way wherein you could also get a discount from the car insurance companies? As a rule of thumb, you want the best bang for your buck.

What is included in the policy?

You want to make sure is that you check the inclusions. Know the limitation of each policy in order to evaluate each quote. Keep in mind that a comprehensive insurance policy isn’t as comprehensive as you think it is. For example, though you are going to include act-of-God coverage, most likely, your car won’t be covered for a falling coconut for instance. Always ask about jargon that is unfamiliar to you. This way, you’ll be able to determine what is included in each policy.


What are the things that other people say about the company? Did they find claims a stressful or a pleasant experience? Given the availability of honest opinion and feedback online, it is a good idea to go directly to social media, blogs, and forums. Of course, other than reviews, you also want to double-check the current ranking of the company. Do they serve as the car insurance market leader to date?

Payment policy

Lastly, you want to want to know just how much are you going to pay? Scrutinizing the payment policy helps car owners make the best decision. When are payments made? Try to see if it fits your salary schedule. Also, you want to know if there are any penalties if you are delayed with your payment. 

The selection of the best car insurance can be tricky. You want to look at these details if you really wish to get the best deal. Given the number of companies that you could go for, the last thing that you want to do is be impulsive. If you wish to guarantee the protection of your car, this is how you should compare each quote. And to facilitate the process of selecting car insurance policies, iChoose.ph offers a convenient way to do this.

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