The Heart and Soul of Car Insurance Companies

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When people ask us who are the best car insurance companies in the Philippines, we tell them that based on our experience,  we go for companies with proven claim settlement history while offering the most competitive rates in the industry.


The heart and soul of car insurance companies are:


Integrity and Principle

This means no matter how big or small the claim is, they will honor and settle it in a timely manner.  This is without reference to how many times you file a claim in a year.


Its people

How the people work in the claims department is paramount in determining your claims experience.  They should be courteous and professional in transacting with all of their customers and intermediaries.


Relationship with intermediaries

Maintaining a healthy relationship with agents and brokers signifies that an insurance company intends to operate long term and that it shows that they care for all of its clients.


Remove one of these elements,  then they’re sure to have problems somewhere.

All car insurance policies follow the same principles and guidelines.  They just vary on premium rates,  deductibles or participation, and some extra features like towing, etc..  But at the end of the day,  finding the heart and soul of the insurance company is the best way to find your insurance partner for life.


We all going to need insurance at every stage of our life and ideally,  we want to have insurance partners that can sail with us through thick and thin.  Some say it’s like a marriage.





Author: erwin reyes

Erwin has a combined experience of more than 15 years in the car insurance industry in the Philippines and Australia. Loves cars and enjoys to sourcing out great deals for its clients