Top fears of people buying car insurance in the Philippines

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Top fears of people buying car insurance in the Philippines |

If it is your first time to buy a car, most likely you are also hesitating to get car insurance for several reasons. Car insurance can be tricky, and it could most likely affect the way you drive. Could you imagine driving through EDSA minus the necessary car insurance policy? This could ultimately lead to accidents wherein you’ll have to shoulder the expenses. Ultimately, driving without car insurance in the Philippines can potentially ruin finances. So what are the common fears that make people hesitate to purchase their own car insurance?


Insurance Company Refuses to Settle Claims

If you ever heard of horror stories from car owners about car insurance companies not settling claims, or simply not being reliable when you need them the most, there could be some truth to this. However, you can prevent this from happening if you approach a reputable company. As a rule of thumb, always check the reputation of the company.


The insurance company might run away with your money!

This could be a total disaster. When you have agents that might not remit your payment to the car insurance company, you could still be at risk when you drive. And to make it all worse, you lose your money for nothing. In order to avoid this scenario, it should be a rule of thumb to ask for a receipt. Better yet, settle your bills online.


Slow and sluggish service

Another fear of car owners is to encounter a company that is only good when it comes to sweet-talking potential clients. After a while, you’ll be surprised that they actually provide a slow and sluggish service. Due to the highly competitive nature of the car insurance industry in the Philippines, there shouldn’t be any room for this kind of service. For anyone who wants to avoid this scenario, it is a good idea to do your own research.


Waste money when they make no claims

How many people make claims annually? For sure, you’ll see a number of people not make any claims for years. For this reason, some car owners are thinking that car insurance is most likely a waste of resources, given that you really don’t encounter an accident on a regular basis. However, though it is true that you could be a defensive and careful driver, car insurance should be like a spare tire. You should carry it just to have peace of mind.


Car insurance policies are expensive!

A lot of people think that purchasing car insurance is an expensive purchase. What you have to understand is that it all differs from your car insurance policy inclusions, not to mention the company you deal with. In fact, you can have a good amount of savings if you stick to payment schemes such as the 6 months no interest scheme offered by sites such as

Another thing that could get you the best bang for your buck is to compare the deals out there. How do you do this? You could either check every car insurance company out there or just head to Within minutes, you will receive an email comparing different quotes from top car insurance firms.




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