Useful Car Insurance Renewal Tips

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Useful Car Insurance Renewal Tips

Buying a car is a tough call. Rarely do you see Pinoys purchase cars compulsively because of this? It costs a lot of money to buy a car, whether or not it is a brand new or second-hand vehicle. This is enough to keep the average earning Filipino to choose their car carefully. You usually don’t see them purchase cars that they don’t need or can’t afford. For instance, why would you insist on buying a V8 SUV when you could drive to your office with a 4 seater sedan?

Are You An Uninformed Car Insurance Shopper?

However, their attitude towards buying car insurance is different. There are a lot of uninformed car buyers who settle for the most convenient option than scrutinize the right car insurance policies available out there. What they typically do is to settle on buying car insurance from car dealerships or banks that financed their car. It is a shame that a lot of car owners say yes off the bat, without scrutinizing the available cheapest car insurance in the Philippines.

One of the most common misconceptions is that the same dealership you bought your car insurance from will handle the repair of your vehicle. This is not the case. Little do they know that they could potentially save thousands, not to mention get a tailor-made insurance policy for their needs if they did a bit of research. If you are one of the many car owners who committed this blunder, you can still correct this mistake during your car insurance renewal.

Save Money on Renewal?

Most insurance companies work by offering different insurance packages for car owners to purchase. Different packages will give you a different car insurance premium as well as coverage. It is common knowledge within the insurance industry that the most expensive premiums may not always provide the best coverage for you. Each coverage should be scrutinized and compared with the potential risks that you could face. If you failed to do this the first time around when you settled for the most convenient insurance from the bank, you have the opportunity to correct this mistake. During the renewal of your car insurance, a car owner gets the chance to get the right one for them for so much less.

Have a new quote

When renewing your car insurance, it is a perfect time that you may want to have a new quote. For instance, since it’s been a couple of years since you bought your car, your car has already depreciated in value. Therefore, this deserves a lower quote from an insurance firm. Also, if you haven’t been involved in a major accident and haven’t made any claim, then perhaps, it is time that you get a lower premium during renewal.

Compare Insurance Companies

Also, this is the opportunity that you could compare quotes from different companies. For websites such as, this allows the car owners to save a great amount of money by comparing not only the price but also the things that they are going to get from a specific insurance firm.


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