Driving Tips to Prolong Your Engine’s Life

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Have you ever noticed older vehicles looking new while others relatively new are falling apart? While regular maintenance plays a significant role in keeping a car in good condition, daily driving habits also have an important influence.

Most car owners perform routine maintenance like tire rotations and oil changes to prevent mechanical failure and ensure the vehicle’s longevity. However, many might not be aware that their driving habits can directly affect their lifespan.

Here are some driving tips to help car owners keep their vehicles in good shape and, at the same time, save money on maintenance.

1. Avoid Overloading Your Vehicle

There are vehicles like heavy-duty pickup trucks with powerful engines that can carry and haul heavy things, and many modern cars are designed to carry heavy loads. However, it does not mean that such vehicles cannot be overloaded. There is a vehicle’s maximum load weight in the owner’s manual, giving owners a clear indication of how much luggage the car can carry.

It is best to drive as light as possible as the more significant the weight, the more strain it can cause on the brakes, suspension, and drive train. Cutting back on the amount of weight can provide various benefits, including better gas mileage, improved fuel economy, and minor wear on other car parts.

2. Shifting gears properly.

For car owners with manual transition, this tip is vital to note. Others with automatic transmission will have less worry as shifting can take care of itself. Nevertheless, it is essential to have a vehicle in the right gear. It is natural for drivers, especially when they are in a hurry, to forget to switch to “drive” while the car is rolling backward.

Shifting a gear before coming to a stop can take a hit on the car’s transmission system. That is why it is advisable to stop before switching to reverse gear. In doing so, the transmission system will not have to take the brunt of the momentum while shifting.

3. Do not speed.

Not only is speeding a grave safety risk for a driver and others driving around nearby, but it can also lead to severe repair and issues for the vehicle. While it is unavoidable when a driver needs to hurry, there are various consequences that speeding can cause to cars. It includes losing more fuel, increased gas emissions, and the threat of being in a wreck. Also, consistently flooring the gas pedal can cause more violent reactions throughout the acceleration process and mechanics of the car. Many might be confident as they have car insurance PH to back them up during the unexpected; it is still best to be extra careful while on the road.

4. Avoid slamming into potholes.

Many drivers are accustomed to overlooking some potholes, especially when high-speeds. That reason alone is why drivers should be extra attentive to the road they are driving in, as potholes can cause many vehicle damages. The impact from slamming into one can cause lumps in the tire, cracked alloys, and buckled wheels. Also, the toll it takes on the steering, alignment, and suspension. If steering clear of potholes is unavoidable, slow down instead. This way, it can minimize the impact of potential damage.

5. Do not race over speed bumps.

Like potholes, speedbumps can upset tracking and wheel balancing if driven over high speeds. The road is full of speed bumps to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. When approaching one, slow down to prevent causing damage to the front and rear of the car, the underside, and even the exhaust system.


As a car owner, it is of utmost importance to keep their vehicle last for as long as possible. With proper maintenance, it is easy to ensure its long lifespan. But maintenance and adequately taking care of the car are not the only measures that drivers can do to prevent early damage. The way of driving has a significant impact on a vehicle’s automotive systems. By following essential driving tips, you can get a bit more life out of your car.

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