Tips for Taking Care of Your Car this Summer

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People have no control over the conditions they drive under – from pouring monsoons to a hot, dry summer from March to May. These weather conditions are what Filipino car owners has to take precaution against as temperature changes can affect their vehicles.

The warm temperature, which the Philippines are well-accustomed to, is something car owners should prepare for to ensure that their car is in good working order when driving in the heat.

Here are some of the essential summer care tips for your car that will help it run smoothly and safely through summer.

Check the Tires

The temperature has an impact on the tire pressure. When the weather is cold, the air in tires takes up less volume, whereas when the temperature is high due to heat, the air in tires takes up much more volume. It is essential to ensure that tires are correctly inflated during the summer according to the recommended level.

If tires are underinflated, it can cause drivers to lose control of steering, increase friction, and cause immediate wear on tires. On the other hand, should people overinflate their cars, the ride will become bumpier. It is recommended to check tires at least once a month to help extend their life.

Check Fluid Levels

There are six fluids in a vehicle that drivers should check: the power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield fluid, engine oil, and coolant fluid. All of which are affected by seasonal changes. The coolant fluid, in particular, is vital to look out for before the hot season.

Too much heat is hard on cooling systems, and driving under hot weather can lead the vehicle to overheat. It is best to replace coolant once a year and if you have not replaced it for a while, do so before the summer. It will help keep the system running better. Ensure that coolant levels are normal and top off as necessary.

Get Oil and Air Filter Changed

Intense weather conditions, especially during hot weather, can put extra demand on oil and oil filters. The oil keeps engine parts lubricated, and because of the heat, it can lead to thinning of the oil. As such, it is essential to check whether or not you have recently changed the oil as you will need thicker oil in the summer. It is also equally important to change the oil filter responsible for capturing harmful debris, metal fragments, and dirt to keep the oil system cleaner and prevent engine wear.

The air filter also needs changing as fast winds and dry weather causes too much dust in the summer. As its job is to keep dust and grime out of the air which enters the engine, it needs regular maintenance. Otherwise, it will result in the choked air passage and lead to a fuel economy drop. A clean air filter can help the car breathe better, improving mileage.

Check the Battery

Summertime can be tough on a car’s battery. High temperatures drive up the heat under the hood and accelerate battery failure. Additionally, the air conditioner and the blower fan can also take a toll on a battery’s life. Battery trouble means potential breakdown. Therefore, it is crucial to get it checked before the summer. Typically, a car’s battery can last for three to five years, and it is good to change batteries if it is four or more years old as it can be hard to see overt signs of wear or damage.

Get Car Insurance

Summer is a great time for trips or vacations and long drives. If such activities are in your plans, consider getting a comprehensive car insurance PH before embarking on your road trip. It is especially important during this season to protect you and your family from potential accidents and auto-related damages or claims.

You can search online for a car insurance comparison Philippines and select what insurance and policy will fit your needs and preferences the best.



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