Tips to Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine

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Many car owners today can’t take their cars out on the road thanks to the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine and the fact that the lockdown in NCR and several other regions were extended until May 15. Neglecting the car for long periods has several adverse effects that can lead to damages that can keep it from running.

People might think that quarantine can let them save money since they won’t be able to use their cars too much. Therefore, they won’t have to maintain their vehicles as much. The next time that the owner uses the car, they might find that it won’t start, the wheels are no longer aligned, the exhaust pipe exudes thick and harmful gas and others.

It’s essential to keep the car from having problems, and car owners will need to maintain their vehicles to do so. Below are some tips on how people can keep their cars in good shape.


Check the Car Oil

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When parking the car for extended periods, car owners should replace the engine’s oil. Used oil will likely contain moisture, metal filings, sludge, and others that can damage the engine. Fresh engine oil doesn’t have any corrosive materials that can damage the engine, ensuring that the vehicle will remain in good working condition.

When a car owner knows that they will have to park the car for a long time, they should also use it as an opportunity to check if there are any oil leaks. Should there be leaks, it’s advisable to contact a professional to take a look at the car or to look for someone else who can address the leak.


Keep the Battery from Getting Discharged

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Cars can only start if they have a fully-functioning battery. If a car’s battery dies, then the vehicle will either stop running or won’t start at all. It’s essential to ensure that the battery has a substantial charge, has clean terminals, and has a proper cable-to-terminal connection. The battery must be well-maintained to ensure that no complication arises, but it’s different when leaving the car alone for a long time.

During the quarantine, people should disconnect the battery from the vehicle if they have no plans to use the car a few times a week.

One more way to avoid electrical discharge is to start up the car every 4 or 5 days and keep the engine idling.


Make Sure the Lights Are Okay

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Those who’ll need to get out and buy groceries can have an easy time doing so with their cars. To ensure that they won’t violate any traffic laws, they must make sure that all their lights are working correctly.

Car owners must ensure that all their lights are functional before going out to get groceries. Accidents can still occur during the quarantine since other drivers will likely be getting some groceries as well.

The lights are used to communicate with other drivers on what you’re about to do, and broken lights will keep drivers from doing so. Car owners should get their lights fixed is they find cracks, breakages, and dirt in them.


Park Properly

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Parking the car for long periods, especially during the quarantine, can result in the tires getting deflated or developing bubbles. Car owners can inflate or replace their tires to solve the problem, but they should still know how they can avoid it and others by parking properly.

Car owners must not set the parking brake when they store the car for more than 30 days since the brake pads can seize to the drum or the rotor. Automatic car owners only need to place the vehicle in “park” before parking it while manual car owners need to place the car in “reverse” or “’first gear” and use blocks behind the wheels to keep them from rolling.

Parking with wooden blocks underneath the tires can keep the cement from drawing out their air pressure.

People should also only park where there is a shade to keep the sun from damaging the interior. Use car covers when there’s no shade available.


Prop Up the Wipers

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It’s best to prop up the wipers to get the blades off the windshield if you won’t be using your car for a long time. This will prevent the blades from getting stuck to the surface of the windshield.

When storing the vehicle for long periods, car owners must keep in mind to prop the wipers up to keep the blades from getting stuck to the windshield.


Keep the Car’s Interior and Exterior Clean

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Nobody likes a dirty and stinky car, so car owners should take advantage of the quarantine and make sure that their vehicles are clean.

Owners must keep the exterior clean and wash it to protect the paint. The exterior is also the one that will likely get exposed to the coronavirus when going out, so it’s essential to keep it clean and sanitized.

The interior will need to be cleaned up to prevent any mold and smells from building up while also ensuring that no viruses remain inside. A tidy interior will also keep pests and rodents from making their homes inside.


Make Sure to Fill Up the Gas Tank Up

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A full tank, even when not used on the road, ensures that the car won’t have a gas tank that will suffer from having water in them. Condensation can occur, and water can accumulate in the gas tank if it isn’t filled and cause problems to the engine. The car’s motor will stop if there’s plenty of water in the tank.

Car owners can also keep any gasoline fumes from building up to hazardous levels by having a full tank.


Get Insured and Keep Them Up to Date

Anything can still happen even during the quarantine when car owners leave their vehicles outside or drive them on the road. A responsible driver will need the right insurance policy for them to ensure that they’re protected financially.

Some neighbors might decide to try and damage the car, and insurance can help cover any damages. Drivers can still get caught in an accident, should the roads be slippery due to rain, or if another driver loses control.

Making sure that they’re insured is key to prevent them from suffering any financial damages.

If car owners still don’t have any comprehensive insurance policies on hand, they should start getting car insurance in the Philippines. Visit our website at now to start comparing insurance plans so you can get the best one for you.





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