How To Choose Quality Car Insurance: Don’t Go For Cheap

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People, in essence, exist to help one another. Businesses thrive because of this principle, especially the insurance industry. The problem is that not all kinds of help are created equal. Some appear to be more helpful, some less. In the Philippines car insurance industry, the case is that more people rely on immediate price compared to the quality, and they often consider the cheap ones to be the best choice. The immediate price one sees when paying for a premium in car insurance is considered a prime factor, not seeing the whole picture of the cost.


Paying More By Paying Less

Cheap cost is such an attractive factor in choosing car insurance. It makes sense why people can be short-sighted with their investments. No one wants to look too far away from what’s now, and forget that they can actually save more by shelling out a bit more in their car insurance premium.

This is a case-to-case basis and should be taken with utmost consideration from an insurance provider consultant. Nevertheless, our source says one good way to get a good deal for every car insurance package is a reliable insurance company. How do you know if an insurance company is trustworthy?


Here are some guidelines on how to trust a car insurance firm:


1. It has a reputable record online, and not just because some paid agency advertises the reputation of the car insurance company in web banners and Facebook Pages. Insurance companies with no reputation have so many ways to try to make themselves reputable by shady means. So you need to go for newspapers, magazines, and car insurance forums to verify a company’s record.

And don’t forget the best way to verify a car insurance’s worth: word of mouth. Ask friends, families, and trusted business associates what their car insurance is, and why they can be trusted, how their experience with theirs has been working, and whether their experience applies to you.


2. It has a record of complying with car insurance laws, including Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance as per Chapter VI of the Insurance Code, which is also known as the Compulsory Third-Party Liability (CTPL). There are nuances, qualifications, and requirements that every insurance company should comply with, and a respectable insurance company should be able to show consistent records of abiding by them.


In choosing the best car insurance company to assist you with the most specific needs you have relative to your marital status and properties you own, quality trumps affordability.

Here’s a shortcut rule of thumb is quality: pick the one that the people you trust picked, be wary of false online advertising, and never go for a company that breaks the law. Forget all of those, and what you get is cheap insurance that later will cost your well-being and worse: your life.





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