Road Safety Tips for Wet Season

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The hot days of dry months are nearly coming to an end, and soon we’ll be experiencing rains so strong it will prompt us to bring our trusty umbrellas at all times. As for those who own their own car, driving the road during this season could prove to be a risky task indeed. With constant downpours lowering the visibility of most highways, as well as making the road quite slippery, every driver must always be cautious and aware of his surroundings to prevent any kind of accident.

Here are some of the best tips for hitting the road safely this upcoming wet season:

Get your car ready

The first and obvious step that you must do is of course; get your car ready for the season. Assess your tires before going off the road. Make sure that it’s currently in good condition so that it can maintain good traction and gripping power. You can do this by having your tire pressure checked at least once a month. Also, take a look at your vehicle’s lights to see if they’re working pretty well and spend some time to clean the windscreen.

Drive at a slower pace

Driving the wet road as fast as you do during summer will only make you more susceptible to dangers that lie ahead. What you definitely need is improved control and driving at a slower pace is a great way to control your vehicle so that you easily make smart decisions and react to any sudden occurrences.

Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front

Beware of other cars within your vicinity, especially the one at the front. Driving too close on the car up ahead is very dangerous as it can make sudden stops and we all know that wet roads are not the best place for suddenly hitting the brake.

Pay attention to road signs.

This may be a no brainer since every driver must always be aware of any road signs in the road regardless of the weather and season. But in this case, remember to pay MORE attention, especially to flood road signs. These signs can save you a lot of trouble as they can serve as a warning on any roads that are considered to be unsafe at the moment.

Avoid passing on heavily flooded areas and bridges.

Remember that if you’re going to pass through a flooded area that you can easily swim through, never attempt to drive through it. Driving on a heavily flooded place is not a good idea since the rushing water could bring random debris that can damage your car. In worst cases, you might even lose control and make it float aimlessly on the water.

You should also avoid driving on bridges because you might never know how much pressure it could withstand during flash floods.


When it comes in driving in the wet season, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. But you don’t have to be scared of going out while raining; especially if you really need to do so. Knowing more about your car and giving it your 100% attention while driving are still the best and surefire ways of preventing the hazards associated with the rainy season.



Author: erwin reyes

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