How Safe Are the Philippines’ Roads is for your Family?

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The first impression of people when they encounter the roads here in the Philippines is somewhat not appealing to the eye. But looking into the interior plans through these streets, we can tell that there are a lot of programs allotted, and individual projects are still on the process of being sufficient for the benefit of the public. The safety of the Filipino citizens is always in line with the action plan for over 270, 000 kilometers of road in the entire national territory.

Since most of the public is not yet appalled with the different plans on road safety, in this article, we will discuss the various road safety regulations and enforcement that the government has established through the past years.

Philippine Road Safety Campaigns

  • Road Safety Awareness Campaign – Since we are talking about the different safety measures that are to be cultivated more and explained to the public, the “Ligtas-Lakbay, Tuloy Ang Buhay” campaign of DOTC voices out the importance of being safe through travels especially when drivers are traveling with their families. Using seatbelts, obeying traffic rules, not texting while driving, and drinking alcoholic beverages while driving is just some of the safety measures that are also supported by an oil company to minimize road fatalities.
  • Walkability Survey – Within the 34 cities in Metro Manila, the walkability survey was conducted in a two-day seminar to purposely convene to develop concrete and doable projects and programs promoting pedestrian safety in the participant’s localities.
  • Obstructions – Since the top issue regarding the most common road defects are lack or old railings and barriers is not taken full force to recover, in the current PSARP, the concern taken in full action.
  • Transport Operators – Operators should see to it that their drivers, before driving, are well rested and in good physical and mental condition. For long-distance driving, transport operators look to it that their drivers have substitutes and can relax/sleep while in transit.
  • New Traffic Safety Program for Children – The Department of Transportation and Communications partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide, had produced an easy way to explain and clarify road safety. Since some children are going to school, it is best that teaching them the basic road safety rules are thought to them to eliminate road accidents when they are not with an adult or even travels with their family.

Do Philippine Roads Lacks or Has Proper Safety Measures for Filipino Citizens?

With the different road safety campaigns mentioned above, we can tell that our government is well-prepared with the various proposals and indicators of these projects. But when it comes to implementing the effectivity and efficiency of these road projects, there seems to be something holding the project. But rest assured, the safety of the Philippine roads is very useful especially in travels, it is just that accidents are inevitable and that at times in the trip, drivers have no control and no assurance about road irregularities.

According to the latest Road Crash Statistics Report of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s Metro Manila Accident Recording and Analysis System, there were 11,157 road accidents in the National Capital Region in 2016 that involved jeepneys. Of this figure, 44 were fatal; 1,922 resulted in nonfatal injuries while 99,191 resulted in damage to property.

Why Should Filipino Citizens Comply with These Road Regulations?

Some Filipino citizens are complaining about the distinct lack and faults of our government through their action plan to have safe roads and to moderate traffic on highways. But, having safer streets should not be in one entity or for the government responsibility only, it should also start within every citizen of the Philippine. The discipline that every motorist and transport operators should align with PSARP’s regulated plans. Following the natural law for the safety of their families, every journey can contribute positively to other drivers as well.

Filipino citizens should comply with the different road regulations for it is mandated and stated by the law. The process of the effectivity of road regulations is between the efforts of the government and how the community will understand and cooperate with the timeline and rules that the government presented.


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