Safety Driving Tips To Avoid “Beast Mode” Drivers

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Safety Driving Tips To Avoid “Beast Mode” Drivers

Perhaps, you’ve seen the Beast Mode viral video recently. If you haven’t, it’s a video of a guy who drives with his buddies somewhere near in NAIA. They joke around about “beast mode” driving wherein they’d pick on their innocent victim and try to cut or even scratch the other vehicle. This incident drew the ire of many netizens after it was shared on Top Gear Philippines’ Facebook page.

Let’s admit that in the Philippines, driving in the streets of Manila or any populated area is similar to living in the Wild Wild West. The Beast Mode video isn’t the first, and will never be the last of a viral video of drivers behaving not the way they should.

For your safety, it is a good idea that you learn how to drive safely and defensively. This way, it is possible that you stay away from accidents, troubles, road rage, and other mishaps that shouldn’t happen in the very first place.


Get some sleep

It is important that when you drive, you need to stay awake. Drinking caffeinated drinks may not be enough to keep you awake especially if you just had a few hours of sleep. In fact, some people, in order to stay awake, drive fast to get their adrenaline pumping. Of course, this action is just as dangerous as driving sleepy.


Familiarize yourself from the traffic rules

In Manila for instance, expect that there are a lot of rules that will not apply from one city to the other. What you want to do is be familiar with these laws. For instance, number coding in some cities is in effect, while for others, it isn’t. Instead of beating the time and choosing to drive fast, you have to make sure that you have a perfectly planned drive.


Don’t be emotional when driving

When driving, you need to make sure that you are not too emotional. Did you have a rough day at work or at home? Do not bring your problems inside the car since this would lead to distractions. In fact, some incidences of road rage happen because of emotional driving.


Look for signs of aggressive drivers

There will be aggressive drivers on the road. Whether they are trucks or busses looking to cut other busses, you have to be aware of these kinds of drivers. Unfortunately, in the metro, this is a very common thing. Nothing beats prevention, thus you just have to make sure that you avoid them from afar.


Always be careful when changing lanes

Changing lanes can be such a problem especially when everyone is doing crazy things. Despite the fact that there are a lot of motorists who do not follow the traffic rules, always use a signal light when you are changing lanes. Try to see if there are vehicles that you may actually cut.

Driving in the Philippines can be tricky since a lot of people really do not follow the traffic rules. Rarely do you see someone stay on their proper lanes? In fact, because of these things, you want to be more cautious when driving. The viral beast mode video is just an example of the typical troublemaker that you may encounter. With these safety tips, it is possible that you stay away from trouble.




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