Traffic and Wear and Tear: How Your Car Deteriorates on the Road

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Traffic and Wear and Tear: How Your Car Deteriorates on the Road

Driving in the Philippines where public transport service is complete chaos can be frustrating. You can expect bumper to bumper traffic from private vehicles and inefficient public utility vehicles. Not to mention that you have traffic rules that barely exist, these are things that worsen everyday travel time going to work and going back home.

Given this scenario, what is the implication of heavy traffic on your vehicle? Ever wondered how it deteriorates your car bit by bit?


How does your car deteriorate in traffic?

As a rule of thumb, deterioration of your car’s engine is determined by how much you let your engine work. Now, if you are stuck in 30-minute traffic, when it is supposed to be a 10-minute smooth ride to the office, this means that you expect more wear and tear on your vehicle.

Also, if you will look at your gas mileage, it is at its worst during events when you are stuck in traffic. Just imagine burning petrol while you are actually not going anywhere? You are using your gas not only to maintain your car but to also power your car air conditioning unit.

Not only is your engine the one suffering the consequence of standing still, in fact, your car is also exposed more to the elements. Now, your car’s paint job and chassis are also affected. Exposure to things such as smog, dirt, and heat, will not do anything good to your vehicle, and unfortunately you see all these in traffic.


Simple Solutions to Traffic Problems

It has always been a struggle to drive smoothly in the Philippines. The good thing is that you can always do something about it. If you really insist to use your private vehicle, you want to take these precautions seriously. These are some solutions that will not only improve your driving experience but even delay some issues with the vehicle.


Always leave early

One of the ways to stay away from traffic is by leaving home or your workplace early. Always remember that there are times when everyone rushes to the road. One sign that rush hour already hit is the long line in the MRT and the number of people pooling for a ride home.


Check the traffic updates

Also, if you are going out, it is ideal that you check traffic updates from different apps available online. MMDA provides you with real-time traffic updates, things that could help you before you leave the office going home, and vice versa.


Always listen to the news

Just recently, there was a bus that caught fire. This caused a ruckus Northbound of EDSA. These incidences can give you a hard time passing through. What you should do is to always listen to the news, or at least subscribe to the social media page of news outlets to know the latest on the road.


Know the alternative routes

If EDSA is already clogged, what is your alternate route? You want to know at least two alternative routes in case you expect a heavy influx of vehicles on a particular road. This way, you can go to your destination faster following the path of least resistance.



It is a common problem in the Philippines to experience traffic especially in the metro. This could lead to damages in your vehicle, not to mention the additional costs in the end. For you to get the most of your vehicle, try to follow the tips that can help you stay away from heavy traffic.




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