7 Common Threats on Philippine Roads That You May Encounter

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common threats on Philippine roads


Common Threats on Philippine Roads. Cars will forever be associated with freedom, not to mention the convenience of getting from point A to point B. Though it looks glamorous on the surface, let’s agree that there are things to watch out for once you have purchased your own car. Here are seven of the most common threats on Philippine roads that you may encounter.


Accidents with uninsured vehicles

Uninsured vehicles run rampant in different parts of the Philippines. From public utility jeeps to old cars that are no longer covered by car insurance, these are considered threats. Could you imagine the hassle of filing a case against a jeepney driver who couldn’t afford to pay for the damages made on your car? Though you can file reckless imprudence resulting in damaged property, the justice system in the Philippines takes a long time.


Traffic problems

Economic repercussions of traffic problems reach billions of pesos on a day to day basis. How can traffic be a threat to your car? Could you imagine using your car more than you should? Traveling a couple of blocks could take 30 minutes to even an hour in your vehicle especially during rush hour. This could account for the wear and tear of your vehicle.


Potholes and under-maintained roads

Potholes do damage to your vehicle. Given the substandard road construction practice in the Philippines, a lot of us have to experience potholes on a regular basis. This could easily misalign the car’s steering system or even puncture a tire. The worst-case scenario is that you get in an accident because of this.


Poorly implemented traffic rules

One of the reasons why drivers get into an accident is because of poorly implemented traffic rules. Could you imagine huge busses swerving from lane to lane? What about motorcycles that overtake from the shoulder of the road? Motorcycles are now considered the king of the road. Overtaking from your right side and even giving causing traffic once they caused an accident, these are just some of the things that make Philippine road mayhem.


Theft and vandalism

From the Batang Hamog that can do some damage to your car while stuck in EDSA, to syndicates that could steal your vehicle, these are just some of the things that you also have to anticipate. In fact, according to PNP, 39 cases of carnapping occurred in June 2015. 15 of these cases happened in Quezon City.


Undisciplined pedestrians

Due to poor implementation, you will also have to deal with undisciplined pedestrians. In the Philippines, it is common to see pedestrians crossing anywhere they wish. In fact, despite the presence of walkways, you’ll still see them cross the dangerous streets. And the sad part is that drivers are always liable once they hit someone.



Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, our public roads may still not be able to handle flooding. Flooding can cause your car to get totally wrecked. If you happened to not have the right insurance coverage, it is a possibility that you’ll shoulder for the car’s repairs.


Let’s admit that the common threats on Philippine roads can be bothersome, especially for a driver who wants to maintain the pristine condition of his or her car. So, are you still looking to have your own car? If so, you might as well evaluate these threats that you commonly see on the Philippine roads.




Author: erwin reyes

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