Car Insurance freebies Worth Asking

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Car Insurance freebies Worth Asking

Sometimes it’s not enough to know that you had the best deal in your car insurance policy but you also need to know the extra features that may be included for free or for a little amount of premium in your car insurance policy.

Listed below are some of the features offered by some of the car insurance companies in the Philippines.


1.  24/7 roadside assistance.  A good car insurance policy should offer a nationwide 24hr roadside assistance services for cars not more than 10 years old.  This does not only cover you for towing but also covers you for call-out services for dead car batteries, flat tires, keys accidentally locked inside the car, and some coverage for the hotel accommodation if you got stuck in a remote place due to car breakdown.


2.  Fix deductible.  This feature can save you a lot.  If you have a Mitsubishi Montero worth P1.5 million,  your deductible/participation amount would be P15,000 per claim.  If your car insurance states that you will have a fixed deductible of P3000,  that means you save P12,000 per every claim.  Though this one is hard to get and is subject to underwriting criteria,  it is definitely worth asking.


3.  Acts of Nature.  Also called Acts of God, this feature is important to be included in your car insurance coverage especially if you live in highly flooded areas like Metro Manila.  If you go to a car insurance comparison site, you may find that the added premium for this coverage is not that much as you perceived.  It gives you peace of mind during any natural calamity knowing you got your car covered for it.  This feature saves you a lot of money if you are unfortunately hit.


4.  Free delivery.  The insurance agent/agency or brokerage would be able to deliver the insurance policy to you and file a copy of your car insurance to your financing company.


5.  Vouchers.  Some car insurance companies in the Philippines offers some freebies for new or renewal clients.  This can be fuel, coffee, or restaurant vouchers.


6.  Promos.  Car insurance comparison sites and car insurance companies occasionally come up with promos in their sales campaign.  Some campaigns give you a chance to win a cellphone or an iPad if you buy new or renew your car insurance policy with them. It is worth checking and spending some time when you’re comparing car insurance in the Philippines.


Nowadays where savings are very essential,  it’s not only about getting the cheapest car insurance out there but also finding out your entitlements or freebies and any other coverage that you can get for a little extra amount.  So in the end you get true value for your hard-earned money!





Author: erwin reyes

Erwin has a combined experience of more than 15 years in the car insurance industry in the Philippines and Australia. Loves cars and enjoys to sourcing out great deals for its clients