Cars that Made An Impact From Mid-80s to Mid-90s

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Cars that Made An Impact From Mid-80s to Mid-90s

If there is anything that the mid-80s to the mid-90s that reminded us, those were the days when disco suddenly became grunge. From padded shoulders to worn-out jeans, and tucked in shirts, these were the fashion statements that we encountered during these years. From those who loved turned to glam rock like Guns and Roses, to those who loved grunge and Nirvana, these are the people who witnessed the 80s and the 90s. However, what would define this era are the different cars that ruled during this time.


Daihatsu Feroza

For those who love the outdoors, Daihatsu Feroza is the car that you want to have. Known as the pioneer of compact SUV design, Daihatsu Feroza is one tough vehicle. Runs on four wheels, and meant for the outdoors, this is your typical “pangharabas” vehicle.


Mitsubishi Lancer Box Type

Mitsubishi Lancer box type is among the most popular cars during this time especially if you love to modify your vehicle. This classic is still popular among vintage car aficionados who are stuck in the 80s today.


Toyota Corolla

Both the 5th and 6th generations of the Toyota Corolla have defined the mid-80s to the mid-90s. This was when 16 valve engines were popularized in the Philippines.


Mitsubishi Galant

Galant is a far more superior version of the Mitsubishi Lancer. Sporty, and the term super-saloon comes to mind. The name itself means “chivalry”, and for those who lived in the 80s and 90s, this overgrown midsized vehicle surely made an impression during those years.


Mitsubishi Pajero

Setting the trend in modern-day SUVs in the Philippines, the Mitsubishi Pajero epitomizes wealth and stature. If you ever heard your dad say “naka-Pajero na si pareng (insert name)”, this would mean that the person already became successful in life.


Mitsubishi L300

If there is anything that defined the family van during the 1990s, it is the Mitsubishi L300. Way before the Starex was born, this is the longest production family van in Philippine history. You may have fond memories of this vehicle as a child, or as a parent when your kids were still young and cute.


Toyota Lite Ace

One tough competitor of the L300 was the Lite Ace. Toyota’s version of the family van made its way as a stylish four-door wagon that could carry around seven people, a perfect feature for those who love to go out of town and visit the beach. In fact, over the years, this is also the perfect school bus for kids.


Nissan patrol

Aside from the Pajero, the Nissan Patrol is the epitome of your politician’s vehicle during the mid-80s to mid-90s. This is the type of vehicle screaming “Congressman” and a number 8 on its plate. A more macho looking version compared to the Pajero, this four-wheel-drive vehicle is a reliable car to drive on the road.


Kia Pride

This subcompact car is derived from the Ford Festiva. This small car has been a popular entry-level vehicle of college students during the 1990s. Though the Kia Pride post-2000 became much larger than the 1987 version, the trademark small size of Kia still made its mark in the Philippine highways for how many years.

Ford Laser

Another car that survived the 80s into the 1990s is the Ford Laser. With Ford’s relationship with Mazda, this car will later become the basis of the Mazda 323.


Nissan Sentra

Another popular car from Nissan during this time was the Nissan Sentra. Its popularity is still on the rise, given that it started its production in 1982 marketed as the Nissan Sunny and later as Sylphy in some areas of the world. During mid to 80s to 90s, this was the favorite box type vehicle of yuppies during that time.


Nissan California

Nissan California was in production from the early 1980s. It had its heyday during the mid-1980s and has been gaining attention even until the mid-90s. This wagon version of Nissan and also called the “Sunny California” in some parts of the world. This car made a huge impact on how Nissan wagons are designed today.


Mercedes Benz C Class

Otherwise known as the Chedeng among many Pinoys, Mercedes Benz C Class happens to be a pricy car for the average working guy. However, during this era, C Class was among the flashy car of choice of those in high society.

For those who saw President Cory take power, to those who experienced rotational brownouts under the FVR administration, which car do you think made the most impact?




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