How to Select Your First Car [Infographic]

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Many Filipinos want to have their own car someday after nearly a lifetime of commuting on crowded jeepneys, buses, and trains. After learning how to drive and getting their driver’s license, they’ll likely want to get their own vehicle.

First-time car buyers will likely have a hard time deciding which car to get, especially since there are many factors to consider when getting a car. Many people will probably want to get a brand-new vehicle for themselves, but it might not be the wisest decision for a first-time buyer.

It’s important to know how to choose a car to keep people from wasting money on their purchase.

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Know Your Needs

It’s easy to fall in love with a particular car because of its appearances, and this is what dealers want to increase their profits. The buyer will likely spend more on their car purchase, resulting in higher expenses than they initially planned. Suddenly loving a particular vehicle might also not be a good deal when it’s not the best model in the market.

First-time buyers must keep their needs in mind when shopping around for a car. People must think about how many people they’ll carry in the vehicle, the utility, where they’ll drive it, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, drive system, the safety features, the transmission, and others.

If a driver doesn’t need to carry plenty of items, they won’t likely need a pickup truck when a hatchback can suffice.

Consider the Budget

Cars tend to be costly purchases, and someone might not be able to afford their dream car thanks to the high price tag. It’s advisable to look for a more affordable vehicle even if it’s not the model the buyer wants. Among the more budget-friendly car models are hatchbacks.

Cheaper cars aren’t necessarily lower quality vehicles than more expensive ones. Opting to get budget-friendly models can help give buyers more bang for their buck and ensure they get a better deal. Besides the vehicle’s cost, the buyers must also consider the cost of maintenance and repairs on the car, especially when considering a second-hand car.

Consider a Second-Hand Car

Second-hand cars are cheaper than brand new ones, and buyers won’t have to worry about depreciation and reduced insurance costs. Anyone can get their expensive dream vehicle at an affordable price when they get a used car.

Some people might have reservations on driving used cars, but the reality is once the buyer drives off with their brand new vehicle, it’s already a used car. Brand new cars depreciate by around 11% right after the owner drives it outside, and the vehicle will have lost 25% of its value once the first year is over.

People can also consider getting bank repossessed cars since their prices are around 20 to 30 percent lower than the retail price.

Getting a second-hand car also allows people to get a phased-out model they want, which is a viable option for car enthusiasts.

Consider a Beater

While talking about second-hand vehicles, people should consider getting themselves a beater car. A beater or an “egg-beater” is a vehicle that people run into the ground and are typically older cars that already ran for thousands of kilometers that still run well. A beater is generally used daily to minimize wear and tear damage on a nicer car.

Beaters are typically older vehicles that car owners wouldn’t mind getting dirty, scratched, or dented. Beater cars may not look pretty, but they’re reliable and can get you from point A to point B. Any present cosmetic issues and malfunctions can also be easily remedied through maintenance.

Consider the Car’s Age

When looking for a second-hand car, people should check how old the used vehicle is to see how much it depreciated. The ideal age of a used car to purchase is around two to three years. If first-time buyers get cheap on their cars and get the oldest vehicle due to lower prices, they might not be able to insure it and suffer from high maintenance costs.

Buy a New Car When Your Net Worth is More Than a Million Dollars

Some people might think that they need to buy a brand new car to ensure that they get the best vehicle they can enjoy for years. The new car owner might even marry their vehicle due to how much they spent on it, making them extra wary of the vehicle since they don’t want it to lose value quickly.

Brand new cars are extremely expensive, and their quick depreciation doesn’t make the purchase worth it. If the buyer also has dreams of becoming a millionaire, they’ll have to settle with used cars until their net worth is over a million dollars, so having a few million pesos is not enough.

Consider the Insurance Cost

Different car models have different insurance costs, so do used cars. The newer the vehicle, the higher cost, so it’s advisable to get a relatively new second-hand vehicle to cut down the price. It’s important to compare car insurance PH, and buyers can start comparing insurance policies even before they purchase a car.

Comprehensive car insurance PH can protect car owners from the financial consequences of a collision and damages to the vehicle. No one who bought their first car with their hard-earned money will want to see their car receive damages or get stuck with hefty bills for repairs. Start comparing insurance policies now by visiting our website at or contact us at 875 6677.


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