Filipinos can save thousands on car insurance in just 5 minutes

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Filipinos can save thousands on car insurance in just 5 minutes

The very basic way of saving money on car insurance is to get a quote and compare it from one insurance to another.  We do this by calling car insurance companies or call your broker/agent to as for a quote.  This process if you’re lucky can take hours or most of the time about days to secure at least 3 or more quotes.  These quotes have been set to the amount of coverage you prefer or they seem fair at that time.  If you want to adjust the coverage to fit your budget later, then the process unfortunately would need to be repeated.  From the calculation up to the actual transmittal of the quote, there should be a more practical, time and money-saving way to get quote 24 hours a day.


With today’s technology, virtually everyone got access to the internet and the online space gives more value to its users by providing the best quality services at a very low price.  The car insurance industry in the Philippines is seeing changes with the rise of car comparison sites such as   In just 5 minutes or less, consumers can get a cheap and accurate quote from the most reliable car insurance companies.   All you need to have is an email address, an internet connection, and a computer.  Cell phones and tablets are compatible too in this technology.


Since the internet knows no boundaries.  Filipinos not only in the country but from overseas can shop and purchase insurance by going to  Getting an insurance quote is just only the beginning.  You can purchase insurance online and pay using a credit card.   Receipts, transaction records will be provided instantly.  This process of getting an insurance quote up to the payment can be done at any given time and 24 hours a day wherever you are and whenever you need it.  Quick and simple.  Just log on to the website and compare.




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