Most Common Auto Insurance Claims [Infographic]

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Accidents happen anytime, to anyone. This is why being prepared and having yourself an auto-insurance is also a win. Did you know that knowing the most common insurance claims should be of interest? This is because auto insurance companies use your claims records to determine your annual rates. While these car insurance claims may come in all shapes and sizes (some are very minor and some are life-altering), this can generally effect (i.e. increase) your premium. At the same time, knowing the most common types of car insurance claims can make you aware of the danger and potentially prevent it from happening to you.

According to the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the number of vehicular accidents in NCR alone in 2016 was 109,322—mostly involving motorcycles. The Department of Transportation also noted that a densely populated region with 12.9 residents, the country’s capital has the daily average of road crashes is 262. This is approximately 11 incidents per hour.

Here are the most common auto insurance claims in the past few years:

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Rear-finish crash

This kind of accident is one of the most common claims in the country, especially during traffic when everybody is rushing to work or to get home. According to experts, regardless of the circumstances, this kind of collision will all the time be your fault, as it is your duty to regulate your car and cease.

Although it is considered a ‘fender-bender’, having insurance for your car will save you lots of money and hassle when you’re having your vehicle repaired.


A chipped or cracked windshield
Metro Manila is always full of debris from smallest to biggest. Think of all the pea gravel roads, roadside constructions, and demolitions, etc.—this can all result in a cracked or chipped windshield. Vandalism, flying objects, and storm damage can also play a role in windshield car insurance claims.


Injury to a parked car
Many car owners can relate to this one: how often do you spot a few scratches on your car’s body, made by street children who thought your vehicle was a blackboard? Your car might also be damaged into, spray painted and keyed.

According to experts, the driver can still be at fault for not parking in designated lots, especially if it is just on roadsides.
Reverse-driving accidents

Everyone has experienced how hard it is to parallel park—especially for newbies. This is why this insurance claim is also one of the most common and this accident is quite widespread.

Single-automotive crash
These crashes may involve colliding with a tree, street signal, pole or just dropping management, operating off the street, and rolling over.


Crash at an intersection
One of the most common accidents in Manila is crashing at intersections. This can be because of the drivers’ failure to yield proper-of-approach, operating a cease signal or purple mild are the primary causes of a lot of these crashes. At excessive velocity, such an accident may be deadly.


Theft/ Carnapping

Carnapping or Auto theft is one of the most notorious crimes in the country. Almost every day, some news of a stolen car captured by a CCTV may be reported on the daily news. In fact, in 2014, there are over 12,000 reported cases of Carnapping, where 4 cars are stolen every day in Metro Manila on average.


Multi-automotive crash
This is also one of the most common accidents in the Philippines, especially on national roads and highways. Multi-automotive pileups can happen when a driver fails to cease and rear ends one other car on a congested freeway, shoving them into the subsequent car.







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