What Are The Features Of A Safe Car?

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Aside from being knowledgeable about the rules of the road, another factor that defines a responsible car owner is the ability to distinguish certain features that makes the car unsusceptible to certain danger. Most of the high-quality cars available today always tend to possess these perks but regardless of what type of car you have or still planning to buy, knowing what’s it takes to have a safe car is quite tricky.

Thankfully over the past few decades, several advancements in the field of automotive technology paved the way for the development of a safer generation of cars. These specific advancements made a big difference in the number of fatalities involving vehicular accidents in the road. In countries such as the Philippines, records as recent as last year state that more than 10, 000 people die annually from car crash incidents.

To give you some helpful information regarding these features, here are some of the most notable few:

Bluetooth Technology

Some of you might be wondering as to why and how Bluetooth technology is considered as a safety feature. The primary reason is that it enables a more convenient way for doing and answering calls without making much of a distraction for the drivers. Through its hands-free capabilities, there’s no need for constant looking or holding the phones while in the middle of the road.

Additionally, Bluetooth is also used to install sensors and cameras that can make the driver aware of the obstacles on the road.


One of the fundamental safety features of any type of car. There are basically three types of lights that are highly vital for all car owners to consider: the brake lights, headlights, and turn signals. When driving, the use of light is not only limited in providing a clear view during the night, but it also serves to give certain signals on the other cars around you. Always remember to utilize all of those light safety features and make sure to check their condition before going on a long driving trip.

Back-up Cameras

To provide the driver with a wider area of view of the road, mounting a camera on the rear part of the car is a more updated version of installing side mirrors. The camera can help the driver to be more aware of his surroundings especially on the back where it is very difficult to identify potential hazards such as the cars on your tail and steep curves.

Antilock Brake System

Antilock brake system, also known as ABS keeps the tires of the car from locking in times of panic breaking. This brake system helps the driver to have greater control when steering which is the deciding factor in preventing a collision.

Moreover, some variations of ABS have a feature called brake assist that can sense sudden brakes and helps the driver press the brake pedal with a much stronger force, allowing to reduce the auto’s stopping distance.

Car insurance

Perhaps the best car feature anyone can avail is car insurance. While a specific type of auto insurance can be mandatory depending on your home country, its benefits undoubtedly outweigh the cost. Not only it can help you financially in case you got yourself involved in a car accident, but you can also be entitled to the specific amount of compensations in unexpected events like car theft, fire, etc. To know more about the pros of affording car insurance, have a look at this article about the three main benefits of securing yourself car insurance.




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