List of handy gadgets that you can have in your car

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List of handy gadgets that you can have in your car

Driving in modern times can be somewhat a mix of both good and bad experiences. The bad thing about driving today especially in the Philippines is the traffic. Next, you also have to deal with pedestrians who aren’t exactly disciplined in crossing the streets and highways. And lastly, you have the drivers who aren’t also used to following traffic rules.

Fortunately, you have modern technologies that could alleviate the stress that you have to deal with on the road. Here are lists of handy gadgets that you would want to have in your car.


GPS or global positioning system is a great thing to have in your car. Imagine having your personal navigator anywhere you go? This space-based satellite navigation device not only gives you the location, but it could potentially help you save a lot of money on gas since you get to your destination the most efficient way possible.

Smartphone mount

Some say that a smartphone is a distraction when driving. In reality, this scenario could be avoided. A smartphone mount is a handy tool for a lot of drivers. In fact, it is a tool that could help save lives. Instead of being busy with your hands, it is now possible to use the smartphone mount to use the speakerphone while driving.


For those who love to do a lot of long-distance travel with the family, it is a good idea that you have a television in your car. There are modern ways on how you could play a movie on your television. One of the most ideal ways on how to show a movie is via USB. An 8gig USB could already accommodate a decent number of movies that could run for hours.


When it comes to beating the stressful traffic, it is a good idea that you always have the right music in your car. With a playlist to help ease the traffic, this could get you in the right mood as you drive.


Dashcams have been used by police in the US and other first world countries for decades. And over the years, it has caught a number of road accidents and wild chases. Since the roads in the Philippines involve undisciplined pedestrians and drivers alike, you want to make sure that you record the accident. This way, you could easily defend yourself if there is a need to go through the legal process, or you could also file a legal case against someone easier.


Another handy tool that you could have in your car is a wifi connection. This allows passengers to have access to the internet and even pass the time when there is traffic. Provincial bus lines have applied this to their busses in order to attract more passengers.

If you decide to have a car, it is also a good idea that you check the gadgets that you could use. This could improve your driving experience. Considering the stressful traffic that you’ll experience in the Philippines, these gadgets might be worth investing in.



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