How to Spot a Trusted Car Mechanic

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How to Spot a Trusted Car Mechanic

Ever considered bringing your car to an authorized service center? Though you have the peace of mind that they could fix your car, you’ll face the problem of dealing with expensive parts and services. This is the reason why in the Philippines, a lot of car owners stick with a talyer for maintenance and repairs.

But of course, you wouldn’t trust just any mechanic in the Philippines. There will be some things that you need to consider before you even get your car to their shop.


Do they have enough training?

The casa(authorized service centers) are supposed to have mechanics trained to fix your car. However, let’s agree that in the Philippines, everything has to be practical including the price. Simple maintenance such as changing the oil or fixing a headlight could cost thrice the price when it comes to a casa. Good thing that you have a reliable talyer to go to. You have to first look into their training. There are those shops that carry certified mechanics who received their formal education and training.


Do they have the right technology?

One myth that has to be debunked among car owners is that Casas have the best technology needed to repair a car. In reality, there are shops that also carry the same, if not better technology. But of course, it is possible that they’d also ask a bit of a higher fee.


Testimonials and suggestions

One of the reasons why word-of-mouth is the best type of marketing is because of the fact that you could easily hear actual stories from people you actually know. These days, the internet is also filled with comments and ratings that could come in handy when it comes to selecting the right mechanic for the job. Try looking at other factors as well. Are they honest when it comes to the diagnosis of the problem in your vehicle? How many mechanics do they have on their team?



They say that experience is the best teacher. Try asking how many years has the mechanic been in business. Most likely, these small businesses thrive from recommendations of past clients. As a rule of thumb for the car owners, the more years in the business, the more likely that the mechanic is capable of doing his job.


Do they have spare parts?

There are some car troubles that would require the replacement of parts. For some car mechanics, they have connections to businesses that cater to used spare parts. This would come in handy especially for the older models. This also reduces the problem on the part of the car owner. Could you imagine the stress of finding car parts in Banawe and other spots in the metro?


How much is their rate?

Cheapest isn’t always the best option. It is the thing that you should always remember. There are mechanics that would ask for a slightly higher price than others. On the other hand, this investment will be worth it if the problem will be fixed for good.




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