Tips on Claiming Your Travel Insurance

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Traveling can be one of the most memorable and exciting outdoor activities that anyone could experience. However, it would be more beneficial for everyone involved in the trip to avail of travel insurance. Having travel insurance can provide extra protection in case of unexpected events such as accidents, canceled flights, and luggage loss. If you will travel alone, then affording travel insurance is even more vital since you’re most likely to receive less help as opposed to having a companion or two.


Important Reminders Before Setting off your Journey

  • Don’t forget to bring your travel insurance policy number and emergency contact number when you travel.
  • Let your insurance provider know if you’re currently suffering from a health problem before taking insurance.
  • If any of your belongings getting lost or stolen, immediately call the local police as early as possible. Alternatively, you can also notify the person in charge of the place where they went missing.
  • Keep every receipt of all the expenses that you paid once you encountered a problem while traveling.


Claiming Travel Insurance While Traveling and at Home

Travel insurance claimants can often be categorized into two groups: those that make their claim while traveling, and those that make a claim once they got home. For those you who want to claim while traveling, you must ensure that you have your insurance policy number and the emergency contact numbers with you. Having these basic essentials can be pretty handy in situations where you need to get in touch with your provider right away.

On the other hand, if you’re opting to claim your insurance after you get home, make sure that you already read and understand everything that’s been written within the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Having such knowledge helps you to be informed certain limits especially the duration that makes you eligible for a claim, as well as to know whether you’re covered for what you’re claiming for.


Claiming Travel Insurance for Lost, Stolen Items or Luggage

While your luggage is also covered with an insurance policy, you still have to practice utmost vigilance as much as possible. Claiming an insurance policy from a lost item or luggage can become a laboring task as your provider would often require you to present some reliable evidence.

Take note that reports of lost or stolen baggage must be done within 24 hours. If contacting the police isn’t the best choice at the moment, try to tell someone else such as your hotel or inn manager, tour representative, or the transport provider. Writing the incident can also help the authorities.


Claiming Travel Insurance for Medical Emergencies and Personal Injury

Inflicting injuries on a travel trip can ruin the whole experience indeed. On the bright side, travel insurance can get you immediately covered if ever you need immediate medical treatment. It might be better to call your insurer as early as possible, but it may not be possible most of the time.

Sometimes you need to pay up-front for your medical treatment and have it back once you received your insurance claim. Never forget to keep any receipts that you obtained from those treatments.


Claiming Travel Insurance for Cancelled Trips

Be mindful that if you need to cancel your scheduled trip, taking your claim could well depend on your reason. Here are some of the reasons that your insurance provider would most likely accept:

  • Unexpected injury, illness or death of you or any of those traveling with you
  • Pregnancy
  • Being called as a witness on a court case
  • Unexpected events such as burglary or house fires




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