Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine [Infographic]

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The COVID-19 Quarantine resulted in many drivers not being able to use their cars on the road as frequently as before. Some car owners have already decided to store their vehicles for the entire duration of the quarantine period while others still use them to get groceries or to go to work.

Whatever the car owner’s decision, they must ensure that the vehicle is well-maintained to keep it in top condition. Neglecting to maintain the car while keeping it parked for about a month can cause several problems, including deflated tires. Some issues can be resolved quickly, but it’s still better to not have to deal with them in the first place.

Below are the top five tips for maintaining the car during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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About the Car Oil

Oil is vital to keep the engine’s moving parts lubricated and keep the vehicle from stalling on the road. Anyone who’ll keep driving their cars will have to make sure that their cars have enough oil. Car owners will find that their car’s moving parts will have wear and tear damage when they have too little oil.

If the car owner doesn’t use the car, then the oil must be replaced with fresh oil. Used oil will have moisture, metal filings, and other substances that can damage the engine. The new engine oil won’t have any corrosive materials in it and will keep the car in good working condition.

Car owners should also look for car leaks and have them fixed immediately during the quarantine.

About the Battery

A car’s battery must be kept charged at all times, or else the vehicle won’t start. Car owners must ensure that their batteries have a substantial charge, clean terminals, and a proper cable-to-terminal connection.

If a car will be parked for weeks, then it’s advisable to disconnect the battery to keep the battery from having electrical discharge. One alternative is to start the car every 4 or 5 days and keep the engine idling to prevent electrical discharges from happening.

About the Lights

Drivers use their vehicles’ lights to communicate with others on the road on what they’ll do. The car’s various lights are essential to ensure that accidents are less likely to happen.

Even during the quarantine, no car owner is exempt from following the law and ensuring that they have the correct lights properly installed. They should make sure that their lights are fully functional before going out to get groceries.

Car owners must regularly inspect their lights to ensure that they aren’t burnt out or defective. It’s essential to test the lights and check them for cracks, breakages, and dirt. If there are any defects, car owners must immediately have them cleaned or fixed.

Start the Car Once a Week

A car left alone for an extended period will eventually have its battery discharged, if it remains connected, and its tires will eventually deflate due to disuse. Starting up the car and using it once a week, even only to drive around the village, will keep discharges from occurring and the tire from deflating and degrading.

Cars stored for a long time will also accumulate dust on the exterior and other parts like the brakes, suspension, or the air filter. Insect and pest infestation can also occur on vehicles that are left alone since the car can serve as a perfect home for such critters as they avoid the elements.

It’s essential to start the car once a week to keep it from deteriorating during the duration of the quarantine period.

Keep Car Insurance Up to Date

The quarantine period can still hold some dangers for a car, especially if people will store their cars out on the road. Some people might try and steal the car or anything left inside and damage the vehicle in the process. Insurance will cover the expenses incurred and will keep the car owner from suffering financially.

There will still be cars on the road, and accidents can occur even when there are fewer vehicles due to irresponsible drivers, slippery roads, and other factors. Having sufficient coverage can keep a car owner’s finances secure, especially since the quarantine is already financially exhausting for many families.

An up-to-date comprehensive car insurance policy will ensure that the car owner’s vehicle and finances are protected at all times. If you still don’t have car insurance in the Philippines, then visit our website now at and start comparing insurance plans so you can get the one you need.


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