Essential Car Care Tips for The Rainy Season

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The monsoon is upon the Philippines, and while some may not be over the summer, it is imperative to make adjustments. The same goes for car owners, as it is challenging to maintain vehicles in the rainy season. Moreover, driving under this weather can cause severe issues to automobiles as it poses new hazards to drivers regarding the driving and the overall appearance of their cars.

While it is not advised to drive during inclement weather, there are unavoidable situations, or you may have parked your car in the rain. In addition, the wet season can bring adverse effects to a vehicle more than intense heat does.

It is vital to keep the vehicle clean to ensure that your car is in good shape and promote a better driving experience. Read on below to some of the essential car care tips during this monsoon.


The Exteriors

Car owners should always take care of their car’s exterior as it takes on the monsoon weather the most with mud, acid rain, dirt, and debris. Here is how:

Windshields, Windows, and Mirrors – Having clear road visibility is vital regardless of the weather. During the rainy season, it is essential to make an extra effort in cleaning things that can hamper the clear view of the road. In addition, replace windshield wipers at least once a year.

Wipe the car – it is advisable to wipe the car down every morning or after driving in the rain to get rid of twigs, leaves, dirt, and other contaminants that can quickly damage the vehicle. Hose down any water from the rain and dry the newly washed parts with a soft rag.

Do not use a cover – Many car owners make the mistake of covering their vehicles after driving in the rain. While a cover may protect a car from getting rainwater and dirt, it tends to stick to the clear coat of paint when the sun dries out the water on it. Consequently, when the protective coat is peeled off, it exposes the color directly to natural elements, which will cause early wear and tear.

Clean the boot and bonnet – This place is where dirt and debris can get stuck quickly, and it usually collects leaves, twigs, and moisture. When this happens, it can block the drainage holes and lead to water build-up, eventually leading to rust.

The Interiors

During the rainy season, it is pretty obvious to keep the windows up, which causes excess moisture inside the car and can eventually result in foul odor from mold and mildew. Here are some helpful tips:

Keeping it dry – It is expected to get some moisture into the car, particularly onto the seats when driving in the rain. To prevent this from happening, vehicle owners can place a large towel on the seats, especially in places where water tends to collect the most. Another tip would be putting down newspapers to keep the carpets clean from mud and dirt. Car owners must also pay attention to the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, and gear knob to prevent mold from growing.

Using the vehicle’s air conditioning system – As clear visibility is essential, air conditioning can prevent windows and windshields from misting and condensation. Also, it helps to have it serviced as it can help regulate the amount of moisture inside the vehicle, keeping it dry and fresh. If the interior is dry, it can prevent mildew and mold from growing.

Other tips to follow:

Check the battery’s life – The vehicle’s battery tends to get damaged under wet conditions. So if you live in an area that receives rainfall now and then, it is best to take good care of the battery or have it replaced if necessary.

Check the tires – Car tires are the most critical components when driving in the rain. Hence, car owners must ensure that their tires are in prime shape and have maintained proper tire pressure during the monsoons.

Change the wipers – The car’s windshield wipers usually take on the excessive activity as soon as the rainy season comes around. Unfortunately, it means that car owners must have them ready before the rain comes down. If wipers are damaged, have them immediately replaced.

Drive Safe

Above everything else, driving safely and carefully is one of the best ways to take care of a vehicle. While taking care of your car is a must, thinking of yourself is essential too. You can get your car insured with car insurance in the Philippines and get a health insurance PH to ensure that you are covered whatever happens on the road.


Author: erwin reyes

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