Ways how to avoid blunders in purchasing a used vehicle

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Ways how to avoid Blunders in Purchasing a used Vehicle

Used vehicles tend to be the most logical purchase. Given a brand new car’s depreciation rate within a year, it may not be a practical option to invest in the latest models. But of course, if you will ask owners of used vehicles, they’d tell you that there are many blunders to avoid whenever you purchase these vehicles. So how do you avoid the most common blunders whenever purchasing a used vehicle?


Visit the car with an authorized mechanic

What is under the hood? Keep in mind that first impressions could be deceiving. You want to know the truth before you ever drive the vehicle. Try to see the condition of the vehicle. One of the best ways to do this is by getting the help of an authorized mechanic. They could check every detail that could pose a problem in the next months.


Drive the vehicle

How would you know the problems of the car if you will not be driving it? Try to observe both the good and the bad things in the vehicle. Does it have good brakes? Maybe the engine is not yet making any funny noises as you start the car?


How much does it really cost to maintain the vehicle?

You have to know the cost of repairs, maintenance, and daily fuel consumption. You don’t want to purchase a vehicle that has spare parts that still has to be imported, or ordered from the dealership. This is not a practical move on the part of someone who only has a low budget.


How many kilometers has it traveled?

Wear and tear is an important factor to consider whenever you are purchasing a vehicle. One of the things that you should consider is the number of kilometers the vehicle has traveled. If the vehicle has been used solely for going to work, and on some weekend getaways, then it would reflect on the distance that it traveled.

Perhaps, you also want to know if the car has been used as a public utility vehicle. Has it been used as a cab or a car for apps like Uber? Given the road conditions in the Philippines, not to mention idling hours on traffic, these things would most likely affect the car you are going to purchase.


Compare other cars for sale

Don’t be impulsive whenever you are buying a car. Keep in mind that there are a lot of cars for sale. You have the option to visit them throughout the week. Try to evaluate the pros and cons. It is also a good idea that you don’t just stick to one model. Try to see which cars offer almost the same specifications.


Have a budget

You need to have a specific budget if you are going to get a car regardless if it is brand new or not. Do you just plan to spend around P250,000 on a 5-year-old car? As much as possible, you want to stick to this budget.


Will the insurance still cover the vehicle?

Insurance companies will tend to reject old cars. Given the number of times that it could have mechanical problems, these cars may prove to be a liability. You have to ask insurance companies if they are still willing to cover the vehicle.

One of the best ways on how to confirm this is by heading to iChoose.ph. Here, you could find a list of cars that could be covered by top insurance companies.



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