4 Tips to Do If Your Car Suddenly Breaks Down in The Middle of Nowhere

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4 Tips to Do If Your Car Suddenly Breaks Down in The Middle of Nowhere

Sudden car shutdowns are still considered to be one of the worst-case scenarios to be encountered on the road even for the most experienced drivers. Depending on the time and location, it could be much harder to bear when it happened right in a place where the sightings of other vehicles are close to none.

For some newbie car owners, this situation is something that they will inevitably experience regardless of how careful and committed they are in maintaining their vehicle. Unexpected things always happen on the road, and it is highly vital for any driver to know how they can react properly when dealing with such troublesome circumstances.

Here are four important tips that you should follow in the event that your car suddenly breaks down right in the middle of nowhere:


Take a good look at your surroundings

Remember that the first thing you should prioritize on the moment your car suddenly stopped is the safety of everyone inside the vehicle. If you never experienced something like this before, try not to panic. You need to know where you are, so get out of your car for a while and survey your surroundings. Take some extra caution if it happened during nighttime and make good use of any light-producing devices you have. Make sure no cars are running around and exit your car from the side away from oncoming traffic.

Being aware of your location is important because you will need to give such information to the auto service or tow truck that you’re going to contact. Pay attention to any nearby landmarks like crossroads, freeway exits, or mile markers. It also gives you the view of your car outside, so that you may know if you need to pull it off the road. If you can’t get it to somewhere safe, turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers can see you.


Assess the condition of your car

Now that you know where you are, it’s time to find the reason why your car suddenly stopped. If you have some knowledge of how your car works, then try to find out the reasons behind its sudden shutdown.

Some of the most probable reasons include:

  • Running out of fuel
  • Malfunctioning ignition switch
  • Malfunctioning sensors
  • Issues with the battery


Call for help

Once you are completely aware of your situation, call someone to tow your car to the nearest repair shop. This means that you should have several contact numbers that can help you beforehand. Other than your auto service, these contacts can include your friends, close relatives, or even your insurance company. Some insurance companies offer roadside assistance that can notify other people about your exact location.


Stay put and be patient

While waiting for help to arrive, it is highly recommended to stay inside or at least within the vicinity of your car. Do not wander around especially if you are unfamiliar with the area.




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