Comprehensive Car Insurance in the Ph for the New Normal

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The enhanced community quarantine and the general community quarantine that follows it are bound to end sometime in the future once the virus is finally under control and Filipinos go back to their daily lives. Unfortunately, the end of the quarantine will bring with it a “new normal” that will dictate how people should live their lives in the future.

The Philippines is an inherently dangerous place for drivers, especially the roads of Metro Manila, due to hazardous roads and irresponsible drivers. Not even the quarantine was enough to eliminate every single road accident like when a tired rider accidentally bumped Mikael Daez’s car amid the ECQ. Car accidents can occur regardless if there’s a quarantine or not, and insurance policies can keep car owners from suffering financially.

Car owners must make sure that they have a comprehensive car insurance policy for the new normal since many drivers will soon get back on the road. The chances of accidents occurring will increase as people get back to driving.

Protection from Car Accidents

As stated before, car accidents can occur and have occurred during the quarantine period when there are fewer vehicles, which means that they’re more likely to happen when it’s over. Car owners without comprehensive insurance policies will have to cover the cost of damages to the vehicle themselves. The mandatory CTPL insurance can only cover injuries to the third party and not the owner.

Many car owners will go back to the road, and anyone can cause an accident. If the insured driver causes an accident, then they can cover the damages to the other car as well as the injuries sustained.

Covering Damages Beyond Accidents

Comprehensive car insurance policies cover more than the mandatory CTPL, including the following: loss or damage of the vehicle, property damage, excess bodily injury, auto passenger personal accident, and others. The insurance plan can also cover the costs of an accident caused by the car owner.

The additional coverage from comprehensive car insurance policies sufficiently covers the damages sustained apart from accidents. Car owners won’t have to worry about other people damaging their cars parked outside garages.  Dash cam-equipped cars will fare better during insurance claims since the camera can provide video evidence on what caused the damage to the vehicle.

Protection for TNVS Drivers

The cost of car insurance changes depending on the car itself and how it will be used. Car owners using their vehicles for Grab/TNVS should get their private cars insured for the service so that they won’t have to worry about having their claims denied.

TNVS will likely become one of the most sought out services during the new normal since the country’s public transportation infrastructure will still be limited. Public vehicles will be used with social distancing in mind, so there will be more commuters who’ll have a hard time getting a ride as the vehicles’ passenger capacities are virtually halved.

Comprehensive car insurance policies are a lifesaver when car owners get caught in accidents or when their vehicles receive damages. Comprehensive plans can also cover Acts of Nature that include earthquakes, explosions, fire, falling objects, civil unrest, windstorm, floods, typhoons, and others.

Car insurance comparison in the Philippines is vital to ensure that the car owner can get the cheapest policy that can still provide excellent coverage for the driver. Visit our website at now to see the best car insurance plan for you to protect yourself in the new normal.




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