What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle

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Many Filipinos fell in love with motorcycles primarily because of the heavy traffic in the country’s major roads, including the infamous EDSA. Motorbikes can help people get past traffic by zigzagging through gridlocked vehicles.

Because the country’s public transportation system is still facing various problems due to the coronavirus, many commuters rode bikes to travel and get to work. Some people might even consider buying motorcycles to make their lives easier when getting to work. Filipinos need to consider what’s practical when purchasing motorbikes to ensure that they get the one they need.

The Seat’s Height

The average Filipino is by no means tall, so it’s vital to consider the rider’s seat height to balance themselves. Adventure bikes and off-road motorcycles are among the most popular bikes in the market, but they need riders with longer legs to stabilize and reduce accidents from occurring.

It’s essential to choose a motorcycle with a ride height that can allow its rider to balance the bike since they need to tip-toe and balance with one-foot while in traffic.

The Brake and Clutch Lever

Not all hands are of the same size, and people must remember this when looking for a motorcycle. Not all levers are spaced the same from the handle grips. Widely-spaced levers used by a rider with a small hand are troublesome, especially when they’re stuck in heavy traffic.

The Footpeg Position

Different motorbikes have differently-positioned footpegs. Motorcycles meant for racing have footpegs positioned slightly rearward, while the cruisers or touring bikes footpegs are placed forward.

It’s essential to adjust and adapt their riding style according to how the footpeg is positioned to ride comfortably.

The Handlebars

Wide handlebars can trigger back pains and be disadvantageous for motorcycle riders when they’re squeezing through traffic. People should prioritize looking for motorcycles which they can use comfortably on the road. If people can’t handle long hours on the motorbike in a forward-riding position, they shouldn’t look for motorcycles with wide handlebars.

The Seat Cushion

People sit down for long periods when riding motorcycles, so it’s a pain when people need to go to distant locations on a bike, and they aren’t comfortable. People should pick a motorbike that is comfortable to ride in.

Touring and adventure motorbikes have thick and wide paddings that make sitting more comfortable. Their seat cushions are also built to endure.

The Tank’s Size

Different riders have different preferences regarding their fuel tanks since people lock their legs in between the tank to have better control of the motorcycle when cornering. Some riders might be okay with big-sized tanks, while others might have issues with them.

What matters is the individual rider’s comfort when going out.

The Engine’s Temperature

Many riders have issues with their motorcycles’ engine heat. Bikes with big engines tend to heat up to unbearable levels, causing people to complain and curse their motorbikes.

It’s difficult to avoid this problem when purchasing bikes based on impressions in the showroom, so it’s essential to check motorcycle reviews online.

How the Engine Vibrates

Some motorcycle riders are purists who like bikes with old-school characteristics, including single-piston engines that vibrate a lot. If people are okay with vibrations, then they can buy purchase such bikes.

Buyers need to consider their personal preferences on the engine’s vibration, or else they’ll have to endure long and irritating rides as a result.

The Bike’s Overall Weight

Buyers should also consider the bike’s weight before purchasing anything. Riders will likely need to push their bike forward or backward from a parking lot, and people with heavier bikes will have a harder time moving their motorcycles than those with lighter bikes.

The Buyer’s Budget

People may already have a particular motorcycle in mind, but they should not forget their budgets when making a purchase. Expensive bike models have costly spare parts and units with bigger engines mean more fuel consumption. It’s essential to consider one’s budget to sustain their vehicles and not have to store them for long periods.

People can opt to purchase used motorcycles to lower expenses. New riders trying to get a feel of riding a bike won’t have to shell out a large amount of money compared to buying a brand new motorbike.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle riders have many expenses regarding their vehicle to improve and maintain them, but they’ll have more costs when caught in an accident. People must be able to afford an insurance plan to protect themselves from significant expenses resulting from collisions, property loss, and personal damages.

Insurance can protect riders from medical bills, personal injuries, property damage, theft, and others. Comprehensive insurance can provide third-party liability coverage and keep the rider from paying out of the pocket, making motorcycle insurance Philippines a necessity for riders.

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