Why a Motorcycle Insurance is Vital?

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Driving a car is fun, but going out on a motorcycle is even more so. Many riders relish the sense of freedom they have with riding a motorbike as they get high while they ride. Motorbikes are a sort of legal drugs that motorists can’t seem to get away from thanks to the high that both the bike’s power and acceleration can offer.

The enjoyment a rider has with a bike is not without its share of dangers, especially since its size and speed make them harder to see than other vehicles. Many drivers can easily overlook motorcycle riders since they tend to squeeze in tight spaces.

Because motorcycles are rife with risks, it only makes sense that getting motorcycle insurance is necessary.

Medical bills for injuries to the rider

Riding a bike is dangerous, especially since such vehicles are not only small but is also unstable and easily unbalanced. An article by The Philippine Star in 2019 stated that motorcycle crashes are ranked number nine in the list of the top killers in the Philippines. There may be a large number of motorcycle accident victims out there, but not all of them are fatalities, and those who survive will benefit from motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle riders who get involved in a collision will find that their motorcycle insurance will cover most of their medical bills.

Motorcycle insurance can give people the peace of mind they need in case they go through an unfortunate accident.

Collision coverage

Many motorcycle accidents are due to collisions, and these can lead to damages to other vehicles. An insurance plan that covers collisions is handy in accidents that have been determined to be the rider’s fault.

Collision coverage covers the other party’s property or vehicle and keeps the rider from having to shell out a significant amount of money for repairs.

Property damage to the bike

Motorcycles aren’t as durable as other vehicles, and they can quickly receive significant damages during accidents. The property damage covered by motorcycle insurance can include dents and dings that are usually received due to accidents, as well as other more significant ones.

Getting caught in an accident is bad enough, but having a heavily damaged motorbike will keep the rider from enjoying on the road once more. Fixing up the motorcycle is costly, and many motorists might not be able to afford to get their bikes fixed up, and getting insured for them will allow them to get their bikes repaired as soon as possible.

Bodily injury to others injured

Motorcycle accidents usually result in both parties receiving physical injuries, and a mishap that has been caused by the rider will lead to medical expenses to cover the other party. Having to pay for the victim’s medical costs can be financially draining for the rider, and an insurance plan that includes them will be useful.

Comprehensive or total loss coverage

Since motorbikes can quickly receive damages from accidents, the chances of the bike being totaled as a result of an accident are high. Not all damages can be fixed, and some, even though they can be repaired, are more expensive than the bike’s value.

When repairs aren’t viable, it’s best to replace the motorcycle altogether. Due to how expensive bikes are, a rider may not be able to feel the power and acceleration of the vehicle anytime soon, but a comprehensive insurance plan with total loss coverage can cover the costs for the motorcycle.


The thrill that motorcycle riders feel when they’re on the road is irreplaceable, and their time enjoying it can lead them to various risks. Accidents may be at the top of the riders’ worries, but there are other risks present, including theft, vandalism, and flooding.

When it comes to getting an insurance plan, riders will need to keep in mind that insurance has its limits, and not all policies are the same. Motorcycle riders must research on what policy to avail to ensure that they’re insured with the plan that’s right for them.

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