Essentials Before Going on a Road Trip: BLOWBAGETS

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Going out on a road trip is fun since it opens up an opportunity to escape the stresses in the city and to experience something new as the travelers explore more of the country. People will naturally get excited because they’ll have a chance to get away from their mundane world, even if only for a while.

Before rushing out on your car with your friends and going out on a trip to the province, drivers must first conduct several checks to ensure that they remain secure on the road.

Both travelers and everyday drivers will need to check their BLOWBAGETS or their battery, lights, oil, water, brake, air, gas, engine, tire, and self. Checking their BLOWBAGETS is essential for both the driver and the passengers to stay safe and secure on the road. The added benefit of checking on these is not becoming a hazard on the road for other drivers.



No car will start with a dead battery, and it’s also a complication when your battery dies on you while you’re driving. When your battery dies while driving, you’ll be stuck on the side of the road for some time unless you can get to a mechanic and have your vehicle checked on.

Car owners must first make sure that the battery has a strong charge, has clean terminals, and has a proper cable-to-terminal connection. Drivers must not neglect their car batteries when going out to make sure that they won’t have any problems while driving. Batteries tend to have a service life of three to four years, and it might be time to replace them before they reach the end of their service lives.


The lights on a car must remain functional every time people will go out on a drive, especially when it’s a nighttime drive. Your headlights, turn signals, brake lights, revere lights, and tail lights are essential to communicate with other drivers on where you are and what you’re about to do.

You must first see if your lights are working inside a garage and have another person confirm whether or not they’re in good working condition. Also, check the lights for cracks, breakages, and dirt. It’s essential to have them fixed if they have problems.


Oil is necessary to lubricate all of the engine’s parts to keep the engine running. Too little oil can allow for wear and tear damage to appear on the moving parts. The engine will also stall when the car runs out of oil, resulting in hefty repair bills.

Always check your car engine’s oil level, and if it is already below the minimum level, then you should refill it immediately. Also, check for oil leaks since they can contribute in your car losing oil quickly on the road.


No driver wants to suffer from an overheating engine since the end-result is the motorist getting stuck in the middle of traffic or on the side of the road because the engine won’t start. Making sure that the radiator has enough water will save you from trouble on the road. In case a driver experiences overheating problems on the road, stocked one-liter bottles of water can save the day.


A driver that goes out with faulty brakes is waiting for an accident to happen. Faulty brakes will result in road crashes. Car owners must first test the brake pedal and push it to the floor, if it feels spongy, then it’s best not to drive since the brakes are weak.


Tires lose air over time, and it’s best to make sure that they have the right tire pressure to keep the chances of accidents from occurring. Car owners will have to use a tire pressure gauge to determine whether or not the tire is properly inflated. Sharp objects stuck in the tire can also cause the tire to lose air


Gas is one of the no-brainers when it comes to driving since no fuel means the car won’t run. Drivers must have a full gas tank before going out on a long drive since nobody wants to run out of fuel while stuck in traffic or while on the road far from any gas stations.


Engine problems can cause trouble for many drivers since they’ll have to deal with their engines in the middle of a trip. Drivers must first check their engines for leaks and any weird noise in them. If any problems are present, owners must get their vehicles to a mechanic.


Drivers must have high-quality tires for their cars since using low-quality or worn-out ones can result in a fatal accident happening. Check the tire if it has any signs of damage, including bumps and tears. Drivers must also check their tires grooves and see if they’re shallow or not, and get them replaced if they are.


Most road accidents occur because the driver is in no condition to be driving, but took the wheel nonetheless. Many people drive even though they’re tired, sleepy, or drunk. Some drivers also suffer from various medical problems, including asthma and dizziness. When you’re suffering from any of these, it’s best if you either avoid driving or let someone else take the wheel.

You must also make sure that you have your driver’s license, LTO registration papers, and proof of car insurance with you before driving, in case you’re pulled over on your trip.



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