Fire Prevention Week: Are your home and family protected?

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October is the month for Fire Safety as recognized by the National Fire Protection Association. It is the right time to raise awareness and help ensure that you and your family are protected and covered.

The number of fire incidents in the Philippines continuous to increase yearly. According to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), as of 2019, data revealed 16,382 fires in the country from January 1 to December 11 which is a significant increase of incidents compared to the previous year in the same year period.

With the growth of risks for catastrophic burning every year, homeowners must be aware of various fire risks and establish fire prevention safety plans accordingly. The home fire insurance PH also plays a vital role in making a fire safety plan.


Here are some of the common causes of fires in Filipino homes:

Faulty Electrical Wiring/Equipment

Faulty electrical outlets and wiring cause many fire incidents. If a home is over 20 years old, it might not have the capacity to handle increased amounts of electrical appliances from computers, televisions, appliances, microwaves, and even air conditioners. Ensure to check and discard any outdated wirings to prevent electrical fires.

Fires can also start because of faulty appliances or equipment. Never use an appliance or electrical equipment with frayed and outdated cords, receptacles, and switches. Using an appliance with a frayed or worn cord can send heat onto combustible surfaces like curtains, floors, and rugs, which can eventually start a fire.

To ensure added safety, avoid doing the following things in your home:

• Overloading outlets and electrical cords with multiple plugs
• Letting electrical wires run under rugs or heavy furniture
• Use DIY electrical projects
• Leaving appliances and gadgets plugged in even when not in use

Unattended Oven/Stoves

It is easy to get distracted and leave what you are cooking longer than intended in today’s busy world. Perhaps you have already experienced this. But that is precisely why homeowners should be extra careful when cooking, as unattended cooking is one of the most common causes of fire-related accidents worldwide.

The tendency of people to forget such an important thing heightens the need for people to pay close attention when they are cooking. Accordingly, keep combustibles like oven mitts, dish rags, and paper towels away from heat sources.

Unattended Candles

There is a natural warmth, beauty, and tranquility to candles. However, to light one means an open flame and can cause a fire if left unmonitored. Remember to keep candles on a sturdy holder and even surface, away from children and pets. Before leaving a room, always ensure to blow them out.

Flammable liquids

Cleaning agents, thinners, solvents, adhesives, and many other liquids can ignite a fire or explode if stored improperly. Homeowners must store inflammable liquids in safe containers in a cool and ventilated area in their homes.

Careless Smoking

Many people tend to throw their used cigarettes without putting the smoke out anywhere. It is one of the most common reasons why a fire-related accident happens. When at home, people should use a large and deep ashtray to discard their cigarettes after use. Ensure to clean such ashtrays regularly and keep them away from materials that can quickly burn.

Moreover, homeowners must check for cigarette embers inside their house as they can cause pieces of furniture to burst into flames.


Knowing fire hazards and how to minimize their risk can effectively prevent fire incidents at home. However, despite the best precaution and safety measures, anything can happen at any time. The uncertainty of a catastrophic fire happening calls for people to have adequate insurance coverage.

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