Fire Safety Tips for Christmas

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Christmas is the most valued holiday in the Philippines. From September, many households are already adorning their homes with various decorations, from Christmas trees, dangling garlands, Christmas lights, to even candles inside to feel the spirit of the festive season.

However, seasonal decors can be dangerous if placed near a potentially hazardous item or if not correctly put up. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and bright Christmas for your family, friends, and guests.



Avoid Buying Low-Quality Christmas lights


The Bureau of Fire Protection-National Capital Region (BFP-NCR) recommends the public not purchase cheap Christmas lights that might be substandard. BFP-NCR’s statistics found one of the leading causes of fires that wrecked several houses in Metro Manila.

Before choosing a Christmas light decoration, it is essential to check and test them. Better yet, look for the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark that verifies if an item is safe to use. Moreover, to ensure complete safety, homeowners can hire a competent professional electrician to ensure that electronics are correctly installed.


Never Overload a Circuit


Many make the mistake of overloading their electrical circuits to accommodate holiday lighting, decorations, and even cooking appliances without knowing how it increases the chances of electrical fires and outages.

Take note of the power capacity of a household circuit and major appliances if you decide to plug multiple lights into the same circuit or extension cords.

Also, before plugging Christmas lights or any electrical decorations, ensure that they are not frayed, kinked, or have worn strands. If you see any, throw them immediately.


Candle Safety


Some follow the tradition of lighting candles on Christmas as a symbol of Jesus Christ being the light of the world. Others light them to feel the festive ambiance and for a delightful fragrance. However, they can be responsible for starting a fire.

You can prefer to get a flame without a fire. Many flameless, battery-operated candles come in a wide variety of styles and shapes to compliment your decorations. Remember to turn them off before leaving the house to prevent led lights from getting hot.

But if you must light one, never leave a traditional candle burning. Blow the candles out if you were to step away from them to avoid the risk of a potential hazard. When decorating with candles, practice caution and use a sturdy candle holder to prevent tipping over or touching flammable surfaces.


Do Not Forget to Turn off Lights and Decorations


Before leaving the house or going to bed, turn off the lights. If lights and other electrical decorations get too hot, unplug them immediately. Keep hot appliances from the Christmas tree and use non-flammable decorations.




There are numerous fire hazards to be aware of during the Christmas season. Yes, people can prevent potential fire accidents if they are cautious. However, they do not guarantee complete safety, and unfortunate events can still happen at any time.

Safeguard your house, belongings, and other assets by purchasing a home fire insurance PH. It can help homeowners get reimbursements for the cost of replacing or repairing damaged items and other covered possessions.


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