Ways to Reduce Fire Hazards in Your Home

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In the Philippines, it is a common saying that a house should be robbed than being caught in a fire. Because then, not everything will be taken away, and there will be a slight chance of being in a life-threatening situation.

A fire can indeed turn everything in its way into ashes. Not only can it burn assets and properties, but it can also take away the lives of many people. A single spark or unattended lit candle can start a fire and immediately spread through the home.

It is of utmost importance that homeowners know what they can do to prevent fires from starting. Like how it is essential to be prepared for the chance that a fire might start, it is also necessary to know ways to prevent one from happening in the first place.


Here are some ways to reduce fire hazards in your home.

• Practice Good Electrical Safety

Many people often leave items in their homes plugged or forget to unplug them after use. Excess flowing electricity can always be a potential fire hazard. Everyday items used at home daily include TV, gaming systems, and computers to use more electricity when they are not on. Hence, leaving them plugged can always experience a surge, overheat, and cause a fire.

It is also a great idea to check electrical cords and outlets for signs of wear or fraying. Frayed and faulty wires must immediately be replaced as they are one of the top causes for starting a fire. Check where cords are situated as they tend to get hot. Avoid placing them under a rug or between walls and furniture.

Also, avoid overusing extension cords as it can cause electrical fire from overuse or overloaded electrical connections.

• Properly Store Flammable Items

Flammable products like fabrics, paper, hairspray, and household cleaners must be kept away from excessive heat or flame. If they are exposed to fire or a significant heat source, combustion can occur. Store them safely in a cool area and be alert for anything that might turn into a problem.

• Be Careful in the Kitchen

Carelessness in the kitchen can be hazardous. It takes a little time for a fire to break out, especially if you leave pots and pans unattended on the stove. Keep the kitchen space clean, devoid of splatter or grease, as they can ignite when the stove or oven is turned on for cooking. Ensure to keep a fire extinguisher near and readily available for unforeseen fire accidents.

• Avoid Clutter

It is harder to see risks and hazards that can likely start a fire when a home is messy. Should a fire start, it will take less than a minute to spread as too many things cluttering an area give the fire plenty of room to unfurl. Ensure to keep your home organized and clean.

Those are some of the ways which can significantly decrease the chances of your house being on fire. However, too many things and happenings might still cause one, and you must be prepared financially.

Having a home fire insurance PH can provide policyholders enough financial protection against loss or damages to their homes and possessions after a fire. If you have yet to be insured, ensure to visit a comparison website insurance in the Philippines – iChoose.ph to find the best policy for you.

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