FPG Insurance: Top Of Non-Life Insurance Company in the Philippines

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A lot of people would ask what the best insurance company is in the Philippines. Though the insurance industry has a low penetration rate in the country, Pinoys are starting to do their own research making themselves aware of which company could give the best bang for their buck.

For non-life insurance, it is just as important as having your life insurance. As of December 2010, Federal Phoenix made it in the top ten non-life insurance companies. It was ranked number nine. If you’ll look at the list of other non-life insurance companies that made the list, the number one spot was then taken by Malayan Insurance Company.

With P1.7 billion worth of accumulated premiums, it is a company that has a solid reputation that can offer different products to its market. FPG is a top company that has operated in the Southeast Asian region more than their counterparts.


Zuellig Group

Connected with Zuellig, FPG insurance is not only the Philippines ’ largest insurance company, but it is also one of South East Asia’s top insurance firms.

FPG Insurance was established in 1958 by the Zuellig Group of Companies. For those who don’t know Zuellig, it is a company that has made a reputation in creating relevant, as well as comprehensive insurance products for the Asian market. FPG Insurance has been able to maintain ties with global institutions in order to provide bespoke insurance products meant for the changing needs in Asia’s insurance industry.

Founded in 1912, Zuellig Corp has headquarters in Hongkong while it maintains different operations in parts of Asia including Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Macau, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, and more. Zuellig Corp has been able to explore different industries including healthcare distribution solutions, pharmacy services, and insurance to name a few. In the Philippines, Zuellig has an 8,235 sq m facility that ensures smooth operations in the Philippines.


Products offered by FPG Insurance

Among the things that FPG Insurance offer include travel, motor, home, personal accident, and golfer insurance products.

Travel insurance products by FPG are meant to anticipate unforeseen losses, as well as expenses during your travel. From belongings that are lost or damaged to missed departures, these are some of the things FPG can help you with. Designed for annual or for a single trip, customers who typically travel have peace of mind against unforeseen expenses including medical fees.

Motor insurance is also a popular product offered by FPG insurance. It is designed to provide maximum protection for those who are looking to use their vehicle without any worry. FPG Insurance is known for its Auto Shield Plus which helps car owners from repair costs due to an uninsured accident. Theft, third party liability as well as acts of nature can also be covered by FPG insurance.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive option when driving, ACCI Shield Plus has been designed to provide accidental death or disablement, and even cover medical expenses due to an accident.

And given the fact that you can’t tell when accidents or problems may occur, it is a good idea to also invest in 24/7 roadside assistance. Here, you’ll be able to get assistance in towing.



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