How to Responsibly Use Credit Card During the Coronavirus Pandemic [Infographic]

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Many Filipinos stayed in their homes during the pandemic and purchased items online to get the supplies they need while staying safe from the virus. Even though many Filipinos can now go outside, many others are still reluctant to leave for fear of contracting the virus.

Because people were stuck in their homes during the quarantine periods, many consumers resorted to purchasing items online and making cashless transactions using their credit or debit cards. Many Filipinos fell into a debt trap due to irresponsible use of their credit cards in the past, effectively keeping them from reaping the benefits of conveniently paying for items without handling cash.

Since we’re still stuck in a pandemic today and need to be ready if another event like this happens in the future, it’s essential to know how people can use their credit cards responsibly during the pandemic.


Protect Credit Score

When first getting a credit card, people should keep in mind that they must protect their credit score to avoid falling into a debt trap and being prevented from using it in emergencies.

It’s advisable to use credit cards that offer an introductory 0% APR on new purchases. This lets people purchase necessities without worrying about any immediate threat of interest charges, so they’ll only have to ensure that they pay the minimum of their monthly payments.

Should the credit card holder incur debt on their current card, then they can use balance transfer cards to transfer their outstanding balance to another card. Balance transfer cards typically offer 0% APR so the card owners won’t have to worry about high-interest rates for some time. Some of these cards offer 15 to 21 months of no interest in payments, but they tend to charge balance transfer fees ranging from 3 to 5 percent of the transfer amount.

People can also use low-interest credit cards to save their cash since such cards charge single-digit interest rates. Cardholders won’t have to worry about paying large amounts, letting them save money.

It’s essential to compare credit cards Ph to ensure that people will get the credit card they need.

Avoid Spending on Wants

After getting the right credit card, the cardholder must then control their expenses by not spending on what they don’t immediately need. People can quickly run up credit card balances by spending too much on their wants and treating themselves, which is inadvisable in a pandemic. Cardholders shouldn’t splurge on unnecessary items when they need to save up.

There’s no telling when people will need money during the pandemic, so it’s crucial to prioritize managing their expenditures.

Control Spending on Necessities

After controlling themselves when purchasing non-essential items, cardholders must also keep in mind to manage their spending on essential supplies. People shouldn’t use up all their funds on buying supplies since they might lack the funds when something comes up in the future. People should also limit their expenses lest they build up credit and go over the limit.

Monitor the Credit Card

Many people use their credit cards without monitoring their purchases, only to find out later that they overspent and exceeded their credit limits. Some cardholders tend to overlook their payments, so they set up autopay measures so they won’t damage their credit score.

Not monitoring their credit card can lead to problems, including fraud and overspending. Hackers will likely commit fraud as more and more people use credit cards to make purchases. The cardholders won’t probably see the expenses made using their card, and they won’t be aware that hackers and thieves are now using their card details to spend small sums of money if they don’t check on their credit card statements.

People can report any fraudulent activities they spot in their credit card statements to the credit card company. By doing so, the company can disable the card and send the cardholder a new one in the mail.


By controlling their spending habits, cardholders can protect their credit score and avoid falling into debt. People can stay secure with their finances during the pandemic and other financial crises that can occur in the future. Filipinos should look for a reputable credit card company’s website for credit card application online Ph to have a financial tool they can fall back to when they’re low on cash and for online purchases.

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