Things you need to know about the No Plate No Travel Policy

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Things you need to know about the No plate No travel policy

If you are going to purchase a new vehicle, you have to be aware of LTO’s latest policy. LTO’s new policy could potentially affect the way you travel and use your vehicle in general. Just when you thought that you have a new car, you may have to read a bit about this new policy that could definitely affect the way you use your vehicle. After paying for your car, there is still one more problem that you have to face.

One of the most controversial policies that car owners have to deal with today is the “No Plate, No Travel” Policy by the LTO. Both MMDA and LTO have clashed when it comes to this particular policy.

Plates are needed in order to trace the vehicle to a particular owner. However, with an agency that is lacking in efficiency, it takes around seven days after the registration before you could get your vehicle’s license plate. Given this scenario, you either comply with the rules, or you suffer thousands of pesos worth of fines.


Things that you need to know

If you have purchased a vehicle, you want to make sure that you register the vehicle within seven days. Why? According to the new policy, you will have to pay a P10,000 fine if you failed to do this. On the other hand, if you failed to attach the license plate, it will be a P5,000 penalty waiting for you.

So what can you do? If you ever purchased a vehicle, you could file for claims if the registration delay was caused by the dealer. Since some dealers delay the registration of cars for their own convenience, this is something that motorists should know. You have to be aware of your rights.

The registration is also not a perfect one. There are possibilities of glitches that could delay you from traveling on your vehicle. Car owners are highly suggested to verify the documents that they will be receiving. Also, don’t be surprised if the delays were caused by the LTO.

A question was raised by the MMDA saying that this policy could potentially be unconstitutional. Since it deprives a person of using his or her own property, this is something that the LTO should look closely at. According to MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, conduction sticker is already enough to allow the car owners to use their vehicle.

Having a license plate on your vehicle is a must. In fact, it is possible that LTO is just making some changes on the road. This could avoid difficulty in identifying vehicles that have been involved in accidents and other road incidences. However, it is imperative that both car dealers and LTO work double-time since a lot of people are already becoming impatient.

Since it is a conflict between implementing order on the road, and the freedom to use your vehicle, this could be an issue that would take time to resolve. As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to travel when your car is not yet registered, and if you don’t have the new plates yet. It is always ideal that you play it safe to avoid any thousands of pesos worth of fines.




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