Debunking the Most Common Myths and Misconceptions About Health Insurance

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Many Filipinos have Philhealth, a universal health coverage system in the Philippines designed to help pay for the sick’s care and provide accessible healthcare for all the Philippines’ citizens.

However, it might be best to purchase private health insurance policies to cover the needs adequately, given the differences in circumstances.

Having health insurance is an absolute must for everyone. Yet, many still choose not to avail of a policy as various misconceptions hinder them from doing so. It is essential to understand the necessary information about health insurance as it is a challenging product for many people to understand correctly.

Below are some misconceptions about health insurance that people usually have that must be rectified to help consumers decide to purchase health insurance.

Misconception #1: Being young and healthy means I do not need to have health insurance.

Perhaps the most common misconception about health insurance is that it is only for aging adults and those with weak bodies. Contrary to that belief, the right time to purchase health insurance coverage is at one’s peak of health. There are specific ailments and conditions which people may not know unless symptoms are visible.

Purchasing health insurance at an early age regularly renewed for years without claim can lead to a better claim should the need for one arises. Furthermore, it is not solely for illnesses and diseases, as people have and will always continue to live in uncertain times. It may also come in handy should unforeseen accidents happen.

Misconception #2: The cheapest policy is the best policy.

An attempt to find the cheapest health plan may not be the right approach when purchasing a health insurance policy. Looking for insurance products based on the lowest price orientation may only have limited guarantee offers and coverage. A cheap premium offer may not include all essential features. The cost is the last factor people should consider if they aim to get the best benefits that can guarantee to fit their needs and circumstances.

Misconception #3: I cannot afford an insurance plan.

Paying a monthly premium is necessary if people signed up for private health insurance, and many think they cannot afford to make regular payments. However, compared to paying for monthly premiums, it is significantly more affordable than having to pay for a surgery, disease, or hospitalization out of your pocket.

Many insurance providers have a variety of plans suitable for a wide range of income levels. Many health insurance ph plans offer added benefits, which directly affect the cost. Visit to have the advantage of comparing various insurance policies from different insurers to ensure you get the best coverage fit for your budget.

Misconception #4: Having health insurance means I will not have any out of pocket medical expenses.

While it is true that health insurance will provide financial help for medical needs, it might have a limit depending on the policy you availed. When medical costs exceed this limit, paying with your funds is necessary. It is essential to understand the benefits of an insurance policy first before purchasing. Otherwise, you will not have an idea when you will need to spend your own money, and you should be well prepared.

Misconception #5: Not updating the policy on time will result in loss of benefits.

If you miss extending your policy on the due date does not mean that all benefits are lost. Like any other health insurance Philippines, there is a minimum time requirement; one may do so within 15 days after the policy’s expiration date. This time allows the insured to be eligible for coverage continuously. However, remember that only within that timeframe is it allowed. Later than that can result in a lapsed policy.

Misconception #6: Health insurance does not cover pregnancies.

This misconception might be true a few years back as many insurance providers do not cover pregnancies. Today, health insurance companies now offer maternity coverage in their plans for pre and post-natal care and delivery expenses. However, there are certain conditions before the insured can make a claim provided for pregnancies, like a waiting period.

Misconception #7: Buying health insurance online is not safe.

With the technological advancements we have today, this statement is no longer relevant. In truth, there are many trusted insurance providers and companies that made purchasing health insurance convenient and straightforward by offering insurance products online.  The increased firewall protection for transactions and security checks are reliable for keeping personal information safe. However, when choosing a trustworthy insurance vendor, it is imperative to be strict to ensure that you will reap the benefits of buying insurance products online.


Aside from the misconceptions mentioned above, there are still many left that is often misunderstood. Hence, before purchasing health insurance, it is essential to know and understand such misunderstandings. It helps to have a health insurance comparison Philippines online before choosing an insurance plan.

Before deciding, ensure that the policy availed is aligned with health needs, lifestyle, and financial capabilities.



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