The Philippines’ Most Dangerous Roads

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Manila’s roads have gained notoriety because of the ‘fatal’ state of traffic in the past few years. But, contrary to the knowledge of many motorists and car owners in the Philippines ’ capital is also home to some of the most dangerous roads too, which contributes to the rising number of vehicular accidents recorded during the recent history. Did you know that over the last five years, Metro Manila has been the location of over 47,000 reported accidents involving drivers, cars, and faulty roads?

However, the mountainous and slope-filled landforms in the archipelagic country also contribute to the record-breaking road accidents in the world.

Here are the most dangerous highways in the Philippines that you should take great caution when driving on your next road trip:

Old Zigzag Road, Atimonan, Quezon Province

Old Zigzag Road, Atimonan, Quezon Province

The Old Zigzag Road in Quezon is one of the most infamous roads in the country for its appearance and hidden danger. During the daytime, motorists describe it as the “Bitukang Manok” or chicken intestines—which may give you a clear illustration of how sharp the curves are. It is also notorious for its steep inclination because it is carved of a mountain. However, it is one of the province’s main roads to its adjacent province and towns, requiring all those who wish to exit Quezon to pass through it.

Halsema Highway, Mountain Province

Bus drivers to the Northern part of the Philippines may have heard of this road as one of the riskiest rides of their life. The Halsema Highway in the cold and high region of Mountain Province in the Cordilleras extends from the city limit of Baguio all the way up to Atok in Benguet. It is known to be one of the hazardous roads in the country for its dangerously sharp curves and steep elevation.

Sampaloc Road, Tanay, Rizal

Just recently, 14 students who were supposed to go on a camping trip have died passing Sampaloc Road in Tanay, Rizal Province. They were boarding a bus rented by their school when, according to reports, the driver has lost brakes and control of the vehicle until they crashed into an electric post.

Locals have said that they consider the sharp turns and curves the culprit for the number of accidents that have happened on the said road. News of tragic accidents in the area is not new to them because it is infamous for being one of the deadliest in the country.

Kennon Road, Baguio City, Benguet

Tourists who want to experience the cold of Baguio need to go through one hell of a ride first—in its most negative sense. Unfortunately, people die on Kennon Road almost every year, with most victims getting caught by a landslide due to heavy rains. More than the sharp turns, sudden curves, and steep roads, landslides, and mudslides are also some of the most common reasons for the accidents on this road.

Trans Central Highway, Cebu

Down the ‘Queen City of the South’, Cebu has also a nominee for the most dangerous roads in the country. In 2010, 21 foreign medical students were pronounced dead as the bus they are aboard tragically fell into a 30-meter ravine after the driver has lost control of the public vehicle on a sharp turn.

Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City, Rizal

Sumulong Highway has been a witness to countless vehicles getting caught in an accident. Due to its W wide downhill road tempting and often-times speeding public utility jeepneys—some even drag race, more and more accidents are listed under this notorious road in the country.

Marcos Highway, Antipolo City, Rizal

Connected to Sumulong Highway through an intersection in Masinag, Antipolo, Marcos Highway is just as terrible as the aforementioned, except it’s flatter and wider. This is also a common venue for vehicular accidents because of the speeding vehicles, jaywalkers, and other unforeseen factors.



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