Why You Shouldn’t Be Cheap on Your Car

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Cheap on Your Car featured image iChoose.ph

Not everyone can afford to purchase expensive items right off the bat, especially since the average Filipino has many things to think about regarding their expenses. There are multiple bills to pay, food to get for everyday living, and other expenditures for people even to consider getting a car.

Some people might have the budget to get a used car and settle for one, but they might also consider cutting their expenses more by getting the cheapest car and leaving it as is. Buying a used car is perfect for anyone who wants to get a reliable vehicle even while on a budget. Still, no one should consider lowering their expenses further, or they’ll end up paying more “hidden costs.”

The Cheapest Car has More Maintenance Costs

When looking for cheap cars, people who haven’t done enough research may be inclined to get the lowest-priced one in the market without researching the vehicle’s condition. People might end up not with the bang for the buck car that they want, but with scrap metal on wheels.

Some second-hand cars are still in excellent condition, especially those that were properly maintained and relatively new. 10-year old vehicles are significantly cheaper than 2-year old ones because they’ve depreciated so much.

Older cars tend to have higher maintenance costs due to the wear and tear the vehicle sustained and the fact that they can easily be damaged than newer ones.

Not Maintaining their Beater Car

In case you already have an old beater car that you’ve been using for years, you’ll have to ensure that you maintain it properly. A beater car is typically an older, high-mileage car that still runs well, and people usually use it to run it to the ground.

Car maintenance costs money, and some people might think it’s better not to maintain the beater since they can easily replace it when it finally breaks down. The truth is, not everyone can easily afford even a beater car since the average Filipino still has a lot of bills to pay.

Maintaining the beater ensures that the car owner will have a reliable car that they can use for years without paying significant amounts to replace the vehicle.

Car Owners May Not be able to Insure the Cheapest Car

Getting insurance is essential to protect car owners from the costs of an accident or property damage. However, people might find out that they can’t insure the cheap and old vehicle they have since it’s already too old.

People might not be able to insure the cheapest car they buy because parts for older cars are harder to find than newer ones. People driving old vehicles also tend to make more insurance claims for injuries since such vehicles are generally unsafe on the Philippines’ dangerous roads.

Many insurance companies won’t cover 10-year old cars because they’re too old, and their value has dropped significantly. Even if the vehicle is 90% cheaper than the newer vehicles, car owners will likely have to spend more on it to secure themselves, especially when they aren’t insured.

Not Getting Comprehensive Insurance Leads to Greater Financial Risks

Many Filipinos opt not to get their vehicles insured, besides the mandatory CTPL insurance Philippines, since they see it as an unnecessary expense. Many drivers think that they can stay safe on the road as long as they drive carefully, regardless if their cars are brand-new or used. Second-hand vehicles can still be insured as long as they aren’t that old, and the costs are lower than that of brand new ones, thanks to depreciation.

Car owners shouldn’t be too cheap that they don’t get insured since they’ll have to pay more out of the pocket in an accident.


Car owners can save money on their vehicles, but they shouldn’t go overboard to the point that all they’ll think about is how much they’ll pay upfront. There are other costs to consider, and car owners who are too cheap will likely end up with more expenses than they can pay for.

Comprehensive car insurance Ph, especially, shouldn’t be neglected to be frugal, especially since car owners can still get a cheap car insurance plan that can protect them on the road. Start comparing insurance plans now by visiting us at www.ichoose.ph or contacting us at 875 6677.




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