Things to Check Before Buying Your First-Ever Motorcycle

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After learning motorcycling basics, bought safety gear, and securing payment, it is finally time to buy your dream motorbike. It is one of the best and most exciting decisions one can make. However, there are essential things you need to check before purchasing.

While many are initially attracted to design and appearance, many make the mistake of not paying attention to details.

Whether you are buying for the first time or someone who dreams of having a motorcycle and wants to know a few things before buying one, consider the important points below.


There are added expenses, including maintenance and operating costs associated with riding a motorcycle. Before choosing one, consider checking insurance rates and picking a motorcycle insurance Philippines to work with your budget. Keep in mind that the higher the deductible, the lower the premium.

It helps to research the cost of spare parts and routine maintenance of a motorcycle which can depend on the make and type. While buying a bike can be an exciting endeavor, do not make a rushed and impulsive purchase.


Just because you found your ideal motorcycle does not mean it fits your needs best. Motorcycles come in many sizes and shapes. In choosing one, you should consider how you will be using it. For instance, a sports bike is cool, but the comfort of riding may vary depending on the human body. Some may find it uncomfortable and might strain one’s wrists to the point of discomfort. In contrast, a cruiser might be a better fit for people with its low seat and manageable center of gravity.

Accordingly, choose a motorcycle with a seat height comfortable enough for you to put your feet on the ground without having to tip to toe and balance with one foot during traffic. When choosing, try mounting the bike and see whether the seat height is good.

Break and Clutch Lever

One of the most important to check is the brake and clutch lever as they play a vital role in preventing accidents on the road. The space between the lever and the handle grips might vary depending on the type of motorcycle. Some have a farther distance from the handle grips, while some are closer. Not everyone has the exact size of hands and level of grip. Choose levers that are comfortable and smooth to operate.

Tank Size

The size of a motorcycle’s gas tank may vary significantly from one bike to another. Motorcycles designed for long-distance travel come with a larger tank, and many riders are at ease with them. However, for female riders, some might find it hard to operate. When cornering the bike, locking the legs in between the tank is essential for better control. Hence, ensure that the motorcycle you will choose provides you ease and comfort.

Bike Weight

The weight of a motorcycle can affect the stability and riding ability of a rider. Unless you are a solid and muscular person, then it is alright to get a heavyweight motorcycle. However, if that is not the case, it is best to get a lightweight bike. There may come a time when you will need to push it forward or backward from a parking slot. As such, choose one which you can comfortably maneuver.


Getting a motorcycle would mean getting insurance as well. It is as essential as the rest of your safety gear. It can help cover repairs, replacement costs, and even medical bills for injured individuals after an accident. Most car insurance PH offers motorcycle insurance policies. Choose one that will align with your needs as a rider.



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