Why Travelers Need a Travel Card [Infographic]

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Why Travelers Need a Travel Card

Traveling is currently a trend among many different people today, and such activity would require a traveler to have the necessary funds to spend on items, souvenirs, food, and others abroad. One might have a hard time determining how to pay for either services or items.

People can use cash as a default to make their purchases, but there might be a better option for travelers in the form of travel credit cards. Cash has its uses, especially in smaller expenses, but travelers might find travel credit cards as attractive alternatives when it comes to larger expenses.

Because travel credit cards have various advantages, travelers must know why they’re essential for their trip.

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  1. Saving Money on Your Trips Abroad

Traveling tends to be expensive not only because of the price of the ticket but also because of the expenditures on the ground. Different travelers may either pack light or heavy, but none of them would escape the necessity of buying essential items and souvenirs.

Exchanging your cash for the local currency might be the solution to get the money you need to make purchases, but your money’s value is lost in the process as the exchange rate changes. Having a travel card, however, lets you retain your money’s value as long as your card has no foreign transaction fee.

A traveler can lose money when exchanging their cash for the local currency if the latter is weak, making their trip a bit costlier than when they use travel credit cards for their expenses.

The best travel card is either one with zero or low foreign transaction fees since it allows the traveler to reduce their expenses. Some travel cards also come with exclusive discounts, which would greatly benefit travelers thanks to reduced costs.

  1. Safer Than Cash

Carrying a lot of cash instead of a single travel card tends to attract the attention of thieves, making travelers a potential target for their crimes. Travelers can also misplace their money when making purchases. One can lose cash when they use it on their trip, and not having a travel card can prove troubling when they do lose their money.

A travel credit card minimizes the risks in losing money, especially since one can have it blocked by your bank when lost. Compared to losing cash, a lost credit card that’s blocked can be replaced with another without having to spend large amounts of money, resulting in having financial security.

To take advantage of the card’s security, one would have to call their bank immediately to prevent unauthorized transactions.

  1. More Convenient Than Cash

Since one thin plastic card is easier to carry than a large amount of cash, it is more convenient to use since one would only have to swipe a single card instead of sorting through cash and effectively exposing one’s self to thieves.

Paying with the local currency can also be confusing for the first-time traveler.

  1. Free Travel Insurance

Some travel credit cards come with complimentary travel insurance coverages that can keep travelers from having to get insured, cutting down on expenses. The complimentary insurance can also protect travelers from emergencies on the trip.

The complimentary insurance can amount from PHP 5 million to PHP 20 million worth of insurance coverage, depending on the credit card you’ll get. It’s hard to enjoy a trip when you experience inconveniences and emergencies abroad and having insurance can save you a lot of trouble.

The complimentary insurance can cover accidents, medical expenses, flight delays, and lost baggage, depending on what is offered alongside the particular travel credit card.

  1. Travel Assistance

Having a credit card can entitle a traveler to useful perks including travel arrangements, restaurant reservations, useful information on nearby restaurants and ideal transportation routes, and assistance on emergencies. The assistance would depend on the credit card provider, however.

The concierge services offered by travel credit card providers would greatly benefit busy travelers as they won’t have to worry about arranging for bookings during their trip. One would have to pay a premium for such services, but it tends to be worth the cost.

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